Enchiladas: shawarma in Mexican, with podvyvertom


Notice how delicious it becomes an ordinary salad, if you wrap it in a pita? I call it "phenomenon shawarma." There is also the phenomenon of hamburger - when a child eats a hamburger, inherent between two pieces of bread and watered sauce. A separate patty, sauce and a loaf of bread to eat does not agree.

Why is that? Who knows. But it seems that the phenomena of shawarma and hamburger - the trouble is not only ours. In almost all kitchens there are dishes that should be wrapped in a pancake or pita bread.

Here, meet - enchiladas. Tinker with them have, but what comes out the result Mmm Yum.

So, take:

• 2 chicken breasts

• Tortillas (preferably take cereals)

• A small bank of corn

• Red onions

• A tomato

• Hot chili pepper

• garlic

• Cheddar cheese

• herbs and spices (oregano, thyme)

Chicken breasts mercilessly Ruddy on frying pan in oil, and then, the Gulf of water and lowering the temperature, leave the stew.

On another frying pan fry the onion and garlic

Then they added tomatoes, chili peppers and spices. (I have thyme and oregano), salt and sugar to taste.

Once breast extinguished knife are ground and mixed with corn (about salt and spices do not forget, yeah)

Then they spread tortilla, sprinkle it with grated cheddar, spread a mixture of chicken and corn wrapped in a tube.

Baking dish pour a part of hot sauce (what we cooked), should be laid on him a tortilla, Pour sauce residues thereof, sprinkle residues cheddar and - voila, in the oven for 10 minutes at a temperature of 190-200 degrees.

Yes, I know that from the shawarma here only the principle of "wrapping", and he is perverted, but... Nevertheless, no one chicken tortillas with corn there will not be. even if it is to sauce.

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