Chicken legs in sauce of oranges and honey


Duck in orange sauce - this dish is a classic. And let zabatsat oranges chicken? The combination of this taste - kryshesnosnoe, Yum, the more that the taste can be made brighter, richer, and vsego-that with the help of... Well, two clicks.


I have been in the presence of chicken legs and family that when a wrinkled together - they say, what are you, the provider for whom we hold? In us your chicken a long time - a long time will not go, bring to the table something sophisticated.

Deflope example. With croutons. And to foie gras more, more ...

To awaken the conscience and awareness of the surrounding reality had to scare the home the promise of toast loaf a week ago, heavily seasoned with the cheapest pate.

The prospect of such a joyless dinner helped them come to terms with the chicken. Especially not simple, and gold. I mean - orange.

So, take:

• Beef - 4 pieces

• Oranges - 3 pieces

• Large onion

• 4-5 cloves garlic

• Honey - 100 grams

• Grainy mustard - 3 tablespoons

• Brown sugar 2 teaspoons

• Turmeric - ½ teaspoon

• Coriander - ½ teaspoon

• Cumin - ½ teaspoon

• Salt - 1 tsp

• Black pepper - ½ teaspoon

The first thing we press the juice from the orange pair, add to Medo, mustard, salt, sugar and spices. Drumsticks in this potion zamarinovyvaem hour.

Then we put it all in the fridge, take the book and begin to resent how disgusting in Victorian England behaved traders. I've decided to learn a few recipes Old English, and so dug in literature describing England 18-19 century.

Amazing things going on there - forged and falsified products are not at all less than the twenty-first century.

Savvy traders small oranges cooked so that they swell and sold as large. These are the bad people are.

But do not forget about our legs, languishing in orange marinade. An hour later, we shift to a baking dish, cover chopped onion and garlic, and at the same time - third orange which naplastaem on mugs. Fill all marinade and... in the oven for one hour at 180 degrees.

The main thing to remember to water topsheet excreted juice. On a side dish - rice or bulgur.

Bon Appetit!

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Proper fish in aspic from the film "Irony of Fate." Hippolyte from such fish would not be refused.

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