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Leg of lamb, you us the way! Remember these lines from the good old cartoon "Little Devil with a fluffy tail"? If you have not tried the leg of lamb in beer. Then you do not understand why the kidnappers fluffy imp experienced such tender feelings for her - the most that neither is an ordinary, mutton leg.

Lamb, as we have already more than once wrote - one of my favorite meats. She is gentle, it is quite soft and very tasty - of course, if it is well prepared. All I want to learn the heading "literary recipes" and cook saddle of lamb (from his youth, from the time when I read "The Forsyte Saga" is a dish stirs my imagination).

I remember Galsworthy spoke very contemptuously about this dish (putting yourself in the place of young people who would prefer something light), but... Something tells me - they just zakushalis.

However, back to the sheep's leg. What do we need?

• Leg of lamb

• Carrot

• Bow

• Garlic

• Thyme

• Beer (Pale Ale)

• Broth

• Bay leaf

• Spices

The very foot fry in a pan until crisp

Can cut diced onions, carrots, and garlic with the ship in the cauldron (10 min)

Through these ten minutes we shall lay them on top of the meat, fill it with half a liter of beef broth (I have it always in a frozen stock) and a liter of light beer. Beer is better to choose easy enough without a pronounced bitterness, but without fruit notes.

Seasonings resulting mixture thyme and bay leaf.

Now, to reduce it to boil and leave stew 2.5-3 hours at low heat for periodically turning foot.

Important: after quenching finished well to get a leg, wrap in foil and let "walk" within 15 minutes. During this time, thyme and bay leaf from the resulting gravy catch and evaporate it to a state befitting sauce - that is thickish.

Bon Appetit!

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