How to choose a really tasty rice (and why it is not necessary to look at the shelves with kranodarskim)


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

You will not believe me when I say: Rice - one of the most delicious and healthy cereal! I would not have believed himself, since in tropical Asian countries have not dimmed his bowl in prikusku with all the local specialties.

Note - in the same street peddler Tae even sell you something that can be called the food of the gods. Fragrant, crumbly, an amazing figure, which is unusual look, is not that language.

Why is that?

Well, everything is simple: do not edali we are really tasty rice. After all, cook it well - is it second. The first - take a good figure (yes). A good rice, alas, we did not. Domestic - Krasnodar and Kuban, it is, sorry, garbage initially. He is the maximum that was fit - on cereal gruel and puddings, and even then, provided that the complete lack of taste will be masked by the power of additives - sugar, for example, or jam (or what was taken to submit them).

It's not because I'm biased to the domestic. Here it is in the concept: our breeders has been tasked to bring varieties with high yield and resistance to low temperature. Our breeders tasks are performed. And the high gustatory qualities they were never told. As that figure need not only the starchy-razvaristy ...

So to learn that, in fact, in our culinary culture figure did not take much space.

And it is for this delicious and valuable product.

He is a wonderful adsorbent protects our digestion from dirty influence of spices and even pathogens. He - a nutritious side dish, and at the same time softener. He - a source of many vitamins (well, that's leave Nutrition).

Since it choose? Well, for starters not to buy "good kranodarsky". Manufacturers can comply with as many seeding technology, crop rotation, and so on, but varieties have been, and will remain - frost resistant with low taste.

The rest was to be guided by the situation. Would you like porridge, pudding or a risotto?

Then you need Arborio. In a little starch, and it gives the finished dish creaminess. Arborio perfectly absorbs the flavor of other ingredients, but at the same time does not fall apart, turning into an incomprehensible mush.

If you are looking for garnish rice - jasmine note. Its grain - long, thin, smooth and bright white. Before buying necessarily Nose. If the aroma has notes of wood - all, do not take rice rancid. That's jasmine rice should smell like jasmine, like the pros say. But I have a nose is not a professional, distinctive flavor of rice is different, but the Jasmine for some reason I did not smell (probably not enough subtle scent).

Pilaf worth splurging on devzira - Figure of the Ferghana Valley. He is a very unusual form, as it were, in spots, but still covered with pollen, such as sand. This pollen - crushed shells. Do not buy into talk about their usefulness (still wash away the pollen). In devzira importantly - taste (slightly sweet, with hints of malt) and its ability to absorb large amounts of fat and flavor of spices, which is very important for the preparation of pilaf.

By devzira include species such as Chungara, korakoltak and dastarsaryk (properly be called subspecies devzira).

By the way - devzira fermented rice, about how.

Basmati is a garnish. Basmati - this is not the sort and type of rice. Varieties may be different, often unites them is that Basmati rice imported from India (although it seems to me that to grow in Tae). Oh yes, they are fragrant. Not smell like jasmine - on the other. But it's nice.

Grain to form a thin, slightly curved, cream or polukremovye, the shelf has a nutty flavor.

Korichenvy and wild rice I put in one item, Zot wild rice, as everyone knows - does not figure. A brown - rice, peeled, but not sanded (because it left the shell of fiber).

Both species - considered useful, is most often used for garnishes. But the taste - an amateur.

I hope this reminder will be useful (although it is not all the species that are now caught on the shelves)

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