Products that can not be eaten after forty years (and tasty than their substitute)


It is boring to live, to live scary, live tasteless. Stumbled on the advice of the Khoi-which is not, after forty (Coy that most, equal to the whole, but oh well). Unleash the doctors, and they will leave us only cold porridge on the water yes turnip juice (although in this poor set will find harmful substances). Somehow I came across a TV show, which is very plump aunt in tin foil hat taught everyone to eat the sun energy.

I already mastered ten minutes, then I remembered that in the fridge waiting for delicious burritos and... well, fed by solar energy, I never learned. My family also prefers calories space is quite the same earth ...

However, part of the medical advice we perform. And my wife of forty does not wait - because well, its fic, health is more expensive.

Let's talk about the most harmful products (say, you can not eat after forty, but they will spoil your stomach much sooner)

All products from processed meat

They are a huge amount of preservatives, dyes, salts and other chemicals. They all increase the likelihood of developing cancer of the intestine. About how!

And from them, swelling and stomach aches. Not from meat but from the fact that under this meat is masked.

Than to replace? The simplest recipe of meat a la baked ham:

Take a piece of pork or beef, salt it, pepper, garlic shpiguem if you like it and very tight wrap foil. We can pin down the top press - brick or stone, well, in general, anything. Bake (time - of the weight depends on a good piece can stand for three hours or more), cool is not turning and removing the load.

A dense, well-cutting meat for sandwiches and other things. If you want a little more like a factory product, leave the meat before baking ripen - a day in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.

Surprisingly, this actually changes the taste (even if not using a special sausage seasoning).

Chips and Snacks

Here I do not know whether you want to write, but still say - chips poison. Why not ask the doctors said. Here I do not know whether useful homemade poison, but you can make it to calm himself:

With peelers (this is if there are no other devices) slaysiruem potatoes, carrots and other vegetables (but this is an amateur), and then send it in the oven at a temperature of... well, as high as possible.

Of course, it will not chip in the classic sense of the word, but pohrustet succeed. By the way, so you can make fruit chips, which is much more useful, I think.


I beg of you, who refuse from sweet without brutal on the evidence? However, if refused, then my advice is - do not try to replace sugar and other sorts nutrasvitami himoznymi sweeteners. I had a friend, so decided skhudnut now gout cures. Sweeteners are beaten in the kidneys.

If we take something out of their range, it is only on the basis of stevia (this grass is so, popularly referred to as honey). She, at least, does not spoil the taste of beverages, giving bitterness.

Well, in general - do not worry, all of us sooner or later grow old and... more you know. So let though life would live for a tasty (but sausage is best not to have someone who knows what it is made?).

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