How to choose (and cook) delicious pasta


The first rule of delicious pasta - pasta itself must be correct. So - do not believe the label!


I remember a friend of my wife I told me the first time I cooked pasta to her husband. She grew up in a family of very caring mother, who spent in the kitchen for hours and thought that all the other members of the family there - saboteurs.

That is why the age of twenty heroine of pasta had a very vague idea. I know that they are cooked and washed. Because, first washed and then sent into the cold water the whole pack. I cooked a long time, very surprised that they turned into an incomprehensible mass. In order to fix the flaw, generously add butter and ketchup poured over (did not help).

Incidentally, it is worth, perhaps, forget about washing the pasta. The present paste not washed (but present). And authentic Italian chefs do not recline spaghetti in a colander. Probably, and other types as well, but I only saw the spaghetti. They pulled out of the pan... spaghetti tongs. Yes, ordinary kitchen tongs. Conveniently, by the way. Colander is not necessary to wash - this time. It is not necessary to prepare - that's two.

Because the right to recline on his pasta colander must first properly warm up, you know?

If you do not warm up, then pasta, first, cool (it will affect the taste, they will have to warm up), and secondly - cleave.

Anyway, it's the lyrics. We turn to the right choice of regular pasta. Given that the packaging is not always write the truth (hard wheat may well be soft), then there can only trust my eyes.

I remember in the science of commodities is such a thing as "organoleptic characteristics." So, they are in high-quality pasta:

Color: smooth, golden or amber, with a light "transparency" in the items themselves there are small dark blotches, remnants of the grain shells. Exception here are only colored pasta (colored with spinach, for example).

Hardness: high. A large amount of scrap in the packet should not be present.

If the color of the pasta is light, almost white, they have a lot of scrap and chips - it is said that no "flour from durum wheat" was not used.

Then go to cooking. It's all easier (though not so easy).

1. Season with salt water before it were pasta

2. Adding it vegetable oil (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water)

3. Macaroni ship into the water only when it is already in full swing and thorough boils

4. 100 grams of pasta at least a liter of water

5. Cook a little less than that specified on the package (it is, in any case, even if you aldente gift is not necessary)

6. Leans only on hot colander!

If done correctly, pasta and without "flushing" and fueling a huge amount of oil - will not stick together. Bon Appetit!

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