Treats of stale cake: cake, cake and pudding


cakes should not be disposed Sanctified, everyone knows, is not it?

I do not church-going people, but this tradition is observed. It is not out of superstition, but because as a child taught to respect the products - they invested labor (your and others') and money (yours).

With cakes is a very interesting situation: rarely I came across a family that is limited to a reasonable number of them. But those who have a couple of stale kulichiki - much more. Because 9budem too honest) cake - serves seasonal, single. Once eaten, the two - and more is not particularly desirable. Despite the long fussing with dough and a huge number of ingredients, cakes for the most part somewhat dry by themselves. That's why... I do not climb as a result.

Offers three rescue scheme

The first and most simple. Impregnate confectionery syrup like for example the fact that we use for the impregnation of sponge cakes. Base syrup recipe for impregnation: 200 grams of water 100 grams of sugar. If you make a fruit or alcohol impregnation, the amount of water is reduced by the amount of fruit juice or alcohol. If you do not have a sweet tooth - then topped up with fruit or alcoholic components to the base volume.

After impregnation, the cakes are eaten more fun. But this recipe is good only for small, very dense and heavy products.

Second, cake stale cake. Without baking.

It is already possible to take any products. Cut them about a centimeter thick plastics and these plastics lay split mold. Pour syrup (just above described it), sandwiching cream, cover with slices of cream cake, then again syrup, cream and - decoration fruits, but better - berries.

Cream of the cake is better to use light. Whipped cream or mascarpone with sugar. But mascarpone standing shamelessly. Sour cream, think now the most affordable, but it has a feature - it spreads, shape, unlike the whipped cream and mascarpone, does not hold. Because sour better get mixed with gelatin.

Layout for it: 700 grams of sour cream take half a cup of sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla sugar or vanilla - to taste, whisk all mixer cooled down with a solution of gelatin. If gelatin classic (without super-fast, and others), it take two tablespoons, and if the new-fangled, then you look at the instructions on the bag and slightly reduce the amount of - we do not have hard-tight jelly and plastic cream.

Soaked cake for 5 hours at least, and more - can be fed.

Option number three (and I like most of all). Bread pudding. Fuss less than with a cake, and the taste - brighter.

Cooking "fill". 2 eggs, 300 grams of milk (or the milk, and some - cream), 50 grams of sugar, vanilla, vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, vanilla (which is) whisk. This amount will be enough to fill 200-300 grams of cake. If you do more - increase, respectively, but not significantly. There is quite difficult to calculate, but for each additional 200-300 grams of fill should be a little less, otherwise you can go too far with it.

On the bottom of the mold for baking slices of cake spread layer. It is better if it is - cubes. Puts tight, even pritrambovyvaya (more than not, important not to overdo it). Pour egg-milk mixture. If there is a second layer on cake, repeat the procedure. Laid - watered.

As the cake over, making the last layer - dried fruits or vegetables. As for me, here suhofruty sound organically. If chopped steamed raisins and dried apricots (dried cherries can be added, will be brighter), mix with chopped almonds and the walnuts, then the pudding will come out excellent.

Here is the fruit layer pour the remnants of the mixture and send it in the oven at 180 degrees at a time... Well, about an hour. It depends on the weight of the pudding. Here in what a counter - pudding supposed to cook in a water bath, so it is better to put the form in a deep container with water. If this is not - go and baking.

Bon Appetit!

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