Salad "Laksheri for sherry" (with salmon and other luxuries)


Nadys favorite wife rebelled. Is talking:

 - Angry husband, my death wish? The feed me? If you will type a couple of kilograms, my anorexia become a dangerous degree of obesity!

And so cilia waved mischievously. With a hint: I get fat, but you will have to allocate funds for the purchase of a new wardrobe, but at double the rate (as a compensation for moral suffering).

With wardrobe in the couple relationship complicated. Usually before going to announce it, what to wear absolutely nothing, and then a couple of hours buried in the closet. There is likely to have a stroke in the other dimension. Sometimes, out of the closet heard cheers:

-Oh, dzhinsiki! I thought they lost two years ago, already mourned!

Or like this:

-Oh, look what blouse, even with a price tag, do not you remember when I bought it?

You understand that all this treasure update for a single family budget - it's like a revolution, devaluation and default on the state level. And all at once.

Well, seriously speaking, the last time I actually became interested in recipes in a cauldron - hearty, dense, as the saying goes - "nazhoristyh". Not spring. And the yard - spring. And the yard - the sun. Pets chorus chanting - vitamins!

Vitamins without proteins - money down the drain. Especially since I got here on the occasion of salmon at a reasonable price... From it and then I started to dance. In the sense that the cook.

Cook, in fact, there is nothing to do, and this nice salad.

The first step is preparing the filling. The blender jar throws parsley, pour the olive oil and lemon juice. All these scrolls until a pasty mass. Cut into two pieces of quail eggs (after, of course, broth).

Then we begin to bully greens. The main problem in it - wash and dry. They say there is a very good centrifuge with manual transmission - to do just that. I washed the salad, put in a centrifuge, twisted the handle, pulled - it is dry.

I have yet a centrifuge is not because my salads or in advance, and then land on the towel or waving bundles, sprinkling water will splash all around. Little life hacking - wash salads and greens should be in the icy water. You can even cook them en suite - from ice water. Then the color will be brighter and more - greens not lose crunchiness.

And not all herbs can be cut, but now everyone knows it. Lettuce I just ditch his hands. Chinese salad I cut finely and sprinkle on top of the usual leaf.

Then I start to collect himself a salad. Over the green - cherry tomatoes, then - chopped salmon or trout (! Salted, not crude), to cover all the top halves of quail eggs, and pour the sauce (remember, in a blender made?)

Full template:

• salmon fillet (can trout) 150 c

• Cherry tomatoes

• Quail eggs 10 pcs

• Lettuce green

• Salad Chinese

• Lemon

• Parsley

• Olive oil

• Salt and pepper

At the output we have a sort of a budget option Laksheri dinner. Bon Appetit!

Well, let me remind about the huskies and other buns author (nice too!)

Delicious homemade cake "Riga" or "Riga": from cookbook USSR
Delicious homemade cake "Riga" or "Riga": from cookbook USSR

Hello! My name is Oksana, welcome all to their culinary channel. I will be glad to any comments, ...

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