Home shawarma: fast food, you can not refuse


Long live shawarma! There is nothing worse and more attractive this dish. Buying it in a stall, you play the lottery: Who appointed this time the meat component - Bobik or Barsik? Do sauce spiced just E. coli, or you pick a real jackpot ill with salmonellosis?

And the strange thing - knowing all the risks Shawarma buy again and again. After all, tasty, infection, that there may be said.

And what a delicious-something? Pita bread, meat, lettuce, sauce! Primitive to the gnashing of teeth. However, the combination of these products provide magnetic.

I would I do not, if you do not confuse the creation of something like home. Immediately I warn, it shawarma for those who like to eat. Oh-oh-oh-a very tasty meal. Therefore, it requires time and effort a little more than two imbedded and three prihlopa.

The first thing we twist minced mutton pieces. On their own, to know exactly - the meat in your shawarma before it be-ee-ekalo, not barking, not myavkalo, or worse, not food for the rat.

And then we have our straight from the tin minced roast, but not just. First, in a frying pan fry the pine nuts, absolutely chut-hardly, a handful

These Nuts add the onions and meat

In the third stage of frying all this will go the tomatoes, then - chopped cilantro, and only then - spices - mashed peppercorns, cumin and salt.

Fry? It is time to gather our shawarma.

We laid on pita bread lettuce on salad - meat, sprinkle cucumbers cutting grease sour cream... And then use sleight of hand and turn our shawarma!

And, of course, an accurate list of ingredients:

• minced lamb or mutton piece about a pound.

• Pine nuts (30-40 grams)

• Cucumbers

• tomatoes

• lettuce

• bow

• sour cream

• cilantro

• cumin, black pepper and salt

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Salad with pineapple and cheese.

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