The most convenient way of cooking delicious fish: bake it in an envelope with vegetables


My fish! Remember how Kirkorov sang? Bunny is my, my fish... I do not like Kirkorov work, I prefer his song symphony of delicious smells. In this case - preparing fish.

Tell me, how many ways to cook it know? Cook, fry, bake in the oven or on the grill.

Each of these methods can be a wonderful variety. Yes, I admit - not all fish is delicious. Some smells mud (but it is not, we either take or fix). Some - spreading (peremorozhennuyu fish will not take it, leave the seller), different species of fish contain different amounts of fat (and therefore have to select it according to personal taste preferences).

But all the fish have in common is that it is - useful. And is ready - fast.

Today recipe baked fish in an envelope (very comfortable, by the way). When the envelope he took out of the oven and inhale the aroma, then you know: happiness - there is! In all senses.

Less words - more things start to cook!

Cut into small cubes and fry the onion and celery.

They send eggplant.

And then - the red and yellow peppers, and more - garlic.

Vegetables do not have to toast long. We generally only requires a light crust - until they get ready in the oven.

Now we make the envelope. It will be a two-layer. The first soi - foil, put on her parchment. On parchment laid fillets and fillets cover the vegetables.

Little life hacking - is to do exactly portioned envelopes - convenient feeding, dishes soiled less.

Like all laid out, salted, peppered, folded the parchment, foil wrap, and... in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees.


• Cod fillet

• Red onion

• Eggplant

• yellow and red pepper

• Garlic

• Celery

• Salt, spices

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