Carp in Italian to Russian salary


Imposingly thick carp lazily floating in huge tanks of fish shops - well, very tasty lunch or dinner. Maybe even breakfast, but who wants to mess with carp in the early morning? Here I would have been a millionaire, would I cook... Ah, dreams, Meta.

While I am not a millionaire, I will prepare myself. No breakfast or even lunch, and dinner.

And for dinner just go carp. Very suitable recipe for Thursday, is not it? For a long time I believed that the rule of "Thursday - fish day" comes from the schedule of church posts.

But no, it turned out, his highest order imposed Mikoyan, who commanded: Thursday all catering businesses must submit the fish! It is not necessary to condemn the Mikoyan - this, incidentally, was one of the activists who were ill soul for their cause. Thanks to him we got a lot of delicious and wholesome foods that are descendants managed to fuck up... But that's another topic.

Once Mikoyan thought that the fish have to teach citizens. You will not believe, even black caviar taught. There were posters of Soviet times - accustom himself to eat black caviar! Who would be so.

Now is not that the roe, the fish bite. But carp - one of the most accessible of its species.

Because... forward. What we need:

• 1-2 kilo of fresh carp

• Lemon 2pcs

• thyme, basil, parsley, garlic cloves 7-8

• olive oil

• Coarse salt and pepper

• cherry tomatoes

Carp clean and eviscerate leaving the head. This is important - without the head and he will lose the form, and will not look as appetizing as a finished product.

Then shred all the green that we have and mix with garlic. Garlic can be passed through the press, and you can just cut.

Abdomen fish farshiruem greens. She will not go into the food, it's for flavor. There, in the belly, add lemon.

Puts carp on parchment in the skins do cuts and dressed with lemon to the top, to heighten the flavor pour lemon juice. The last step - decompose the tomatoes around the carp, salt our creation, and the fish is further lubricated with oil (olive I took). Now in the oven at 200 degrees at the rate of 25-30 minutes per kilogram fish weight. Well, if the last ten minutes to translate the oven grill mode.

Bon Appetit!

So modestly remind you that Like every cook pleasant and subscription - the more

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