Baked pork ribs with sauce: gastronomic ecstasy


There are two stereotypes that are very difficult (almost impossible) to fight in the kitchen. First, every man loves the meat. Second, well-prepared meat is very difficult. The second way, often comes into conflict with a third (yes, somehow limp in my math, I wrote that the stereotype of only two, and then there are already more I think ...). The third says: cook the meat easy, fried (or boiled) and the whole business!

In fact, reveal a terrible secret. Not all men love meat, and cook it is not really that hard (which is only a fry cook or just do not care any sense).

The meat in the first place, it is a game of seasonings and sauces, knowledge of temperature conditions and other wisdom.

I sometimes think that molecular cuisine was born from the desire of the cook tasty meat. Yes, I heard that some people manage to do it, "th-th-th-th-th, delicious" even on an open fire, no salt, and other luxuries. However, I never had a chance to try this masterpiece. Most often "just cooked" meat resembled burnt sole, a little less - a sole.

But we are with you almost foodies, yes? Because today to cook the meat tender. The victim will be pig (though I do not like pork). The main secret of a delicious pig - no hearty side dish. Light salad, sauce and pita bread - that's the whole accompaniment. Because the meat itself is self-sufficient.

I have this one rib. However, a piece chosen boneless, simply hryaschik. Yet it certainly Ms-zhasno harmful fat and less harmful skin. All together - flavor bomb.

carefully scrape my skin to start, even if it seems ideal. After cooking'll be right with her.

After hygiene obsushivayut piece (as will be better), rub the salt and pepper, send it in the oven at 180 degrees for 1.5 hours.

Ask, where is thy delights, sauces, seasonings yes?

And the sauce we're with you muddied.

Mix honey, three tablespoons of soy sauce and mustard! All! This we are more than enough. Now, every fifteen minutes, open the oven and grease the meat of this spice, you can use the brush. This reduces the temperature to 160 degrees.

As a result, we obtain the most tender piece of baked hryushkinoy flesh, biting into that feel caveman and growl:


By the way: the homemade sauce is worth sprinkle the dish again, is already on the plate!

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