Pkhali: fast and very cheap masterpiece of Georgian cuisine


Pkhali - one of the cheapest and easiest to prepare Georgian dishes. Much effort it requires, and the taste is obtained - mmmm, Yum!

Georgian cuisine, by the way, is deservedly considered one of the brightest and most unfairly - one of the most expensive. Meat and wine, which is associated with it is, of course, good. But let's be honest - the wine that the meat has never been a daily food ordinary farmer.

Casual Georgian cuisine - it is a lot of vegetables in all their guises, is the use of spice rights and invent it sauces that are prepared literally "out of nothing".

Take the same pkhali.

If you believe Wikipedia, it is based may be any vegetable or herb: nettle leaves, ekala (spine, known as sarsaparilla); young radish greens, beets, cauliflower; chard, as well as meat, fish or offal.

Important in pkhali - sauce. It is made from walnuts, hot pepper, garlic, cilantro, onion, hops-suneli, salt and vinegar. And the sauce is so delicious that even a thorn to eat with him ...

Today our menu is not rough. Today our menu... beans.


• Walnut 80g

• Bulb 1 pc

• Garlic tooth 2-3

• A bunch of cilantro

• Chili's or a condiment

• Black pepper

• Salt

• Lemon juice (I replaced him wine vinegar)

• Green beans)

Now, attention, warning in advance: you can all the sauce ingredients in a blender and grind again. A sort of guacamole zabatsat without avocado. But then you will not have to pkhali sauce and dash that.

Because complicate his task, doing everything according to the rules.

Grind walnuts - separately

Then - the onion and garlic - do not forget that all separately)!

The next stage - cilantro

Now mix in a bowl with the spices, salt and lemon juice. That's what we did.

Fry green beans and, in violation of the canons of Georgian cuisine is not lepim nest, but simply spread the beans onto a plate, season the sauce.

Enjoy your meal (and not swallow a spoon!)

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