Cooking the meat as it would have applied to the heroes of "Game of Thrones" (they exist in reality)


This dish could well be on the table Lanister Cersei or her court. Because satisfying, easy to prepare, and most importantly there - meat.


In general, the French cuisine is legendary, she, they say, all this fine, Mama Do not Cry. Cream soups, blancmange, foie gras and other deflope tormented imagination modern Lucullus. In fact ...

In fact (and no, it is my opinion of course) the myth about its exceptional refinement - only a myth. Such is a tautology. For what in the modern version is called "French cuisine" is rather fyuzhn - it is the union of all things. Seasoned marketing.

The classic recipe is French, has come down since the Middle Ages, here: Beth Bourguignon. Beef - Burgundy otherwise.

This dish could well be on the table Cersei Lanister or someone from her entourage. I do not know why, but it is this "family story" in the "Game of Thrones" I associate with Burgundy the Anglo-Frankish war. Maybe because of the consonance of the names, Lanistery - Lancaster?

However, it does not matter.

Let us turn to the recipe. Initially, it was simple as ABC. Meat (tough, yes, meat all the time, by the way, is most often tough) cut into pieces, fried (it helps to get more full-bodied taste) and then tushilos in red wine until tender, turning slowly from the soles into something a little more tender.]

But over time, people learned about the magical power of herbs and vegetables have learned to use in order to play tastes.

And for the modern version of "Beef Bourguignon" we take

• Beef 1 kg (preferably a blade)

• Carrots large

• 400 grams of mushrooms

• Bulbs, 2 pieces

• 3-4 cloves garlic

• 200 grams of bacon

• Butter 80 grams

• Red wine 400 ml

• Beef broth 300 ml

• Flour

• thyme, salt and pepper

Next act as follows:

In butter in a thick-walled cauldron fried slices of beef (poredeem cubes) pre-roll in flour. I do not photographed, Sori.

Removing beef, we throw in the same cauldron bacon and garlic. Fry 5 minutes.

We send them onions and carrots (five minutes, as well)

And then add the meat.

Already in the meat and pour the beef broth, dry red wine, add a few sprigs of thyme and put on a small fire stew for 2.5 hours.

Just over 15 minutes until cooked in the cauldron fly mushrooms. At this time - mushrooms. Salt, pepper and... voila. Something medieval, pohlebistoe that can be eaten with a spoon (forks in those days did not know), with a piece of bread.

Delicious, by the way. So bon appetit!

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