Cooking Asian delicacy of plain chicken drumsticks


Chicken leg as you give us the road. Firstly because it's tasty, and secondly - a budget. Chicken leg, it seems, is the most popular part of the carcass unfortunate birds. That's just one drawback it has: many people buy them so often that no matter how prepare, do not climb!

Come to the aid of imagination, well, globalization and scientific and technological progress.

Globalization will present the idea podsmotrena, how to prepare chicken Asians.

Scientific and technological progress will take a sleeve for baking.

Well, fancy mix the honey, soy sauce and spices.

So, first of all prepare the marinade. One hundred milliliters soy sauce stir three tablespoons of honey, add to lemon juice and garlic (can be dry, can be extruded, to taste), at the same time - we shall rub a piece of ginger root. The root of the measure in centimeters. As to my taste - one is enough.

Put in this marinade for an hour lower leg, and then, together with a part of it (as some like to use the whole), lay the chicken in the bag or sleeve for baking.

In a preheated oven set two hundred degrees for 35-40 minutes, and - an important touch - when filing sprinkle kunuzhtom.

Voila. Hen po- Asian, juicy, soft and unusual, with little time and financial costs - is ready.

Garnish it recommend bulgur. It can be watered sauce formed during baking.

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