How to cook a delicious cheesecake: four points which must be satisfied


Cheesecakes - something tasty when they are properly cooked. That's just how to cook them properly?

Many times personally, "prick", reproducing the recipe (and proved familiar to and from) and resulting in a funny thing that the title of the perfect cheesecakes qualify well, could not possibly.

Most often, cheesecakes I ran on a frying pan, turning into a granular mass floating in oil. Sometimes they fell apart. Sometimes - cracked during cooking.

I remember how proud once, achieving a perfect cheesecakes to go. Ruddy and lush, it looked like the picture - quite zazharisty, smooth. Fields and sour cream - go ahead, it would seem.

-What are you sure it's all cheesecake? - questioned sharp-tongued wife, kusnuv my first shedevr.- - In my opinion, as a simple hash browns, and even rezinovenky... - she issued the sentence.

I had to admit: yes, the taste is more on pancakes and similar. Well, what to do if in an effort to make cheesecakes nerazvalivayuschimisya, I added flour. Lot of flour ...

Oh, a lot of oil has flowed since then, a lot of cottage cheese I spoil, but still brought the principle of perfect cheesecakes.

Time: the curd must be a real, dry enough (that is, with good ottekshey serum) and at the same time sufficiently moist - that is capable of forming dense clumps.

Do you think this is easy to buy? But there fic! A lot of cottage cheese in stores only pretends. So if the consistency of the feedstock, and looks like "everything is OK", the presence of a non-additive curd origin will come out on the frying stage.

Sam watched as cheesecakes from "Cottage cheese products" literally melted in the pan, breaking up into a solid and a liquid-fat fraction. What was there in this product, do not ask, do not know. The most offensive that pretends THIS farmer cheese (and well it was nothing like the taste).

Two: do not trust the recipes in which a lot of eggs! They make the dough for cheesecakes liquid. Optimal combination - one egg per 500 grams of cheese. More - it is already a risk.

Three: do not add a lot of sugar. Sweet tooth can pour syrup or condensed milk cooked meal, but an excess of sugar in the test will lead to the fact that sugar is transformed into syrup, and... yes, cheesecakes again become too liquid. Most likely, it will happen in the pan when you cook quickly. A liquid cheese cakes in the pan that make? That's right, crawl and swim.

How to hang in grams of sugar will not say, but better - to be "not sweet" or "sweet, but a little bit."

Four: instead of flour in the best cheesecakes add semolina, and how to add... Add - to stand up to her swollen, otherwise a high risk to overdo it with the number, making them cheesecakes semolina pancakes.

Well, five (not a secret, and recommended, not compulsory). Try to roll before frying cheesecakes not just in the flour or semolina, and mixtures thereof with coconut. It will obedatelno.

Bon Appetit!

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