Bake at nothing to be with mayonnaise - get poison (and mayonnaise sauce recipe for replacement)


Popularity meat "French" in our country is that if you say honestly and openly:

- Dear Comrades, you cook and eat a little of that stuff, so also poison!

... That hundreds of housewives go out on a campaign against me to show their mastery of the noble style of martial art "Flying rolling pin."

But I, I have nothing! I, my dear friends and not friends, I remind you: for baked dishes are special sauces, the best - cream, but not mayonnaise.

Why is that? Well, let us at least remember, from which it is prepared: butter, egg yolks, vinegar. In industrial not yolks and egg solids, and a lot of mischief any useful type stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives.

All this turned into an emulsion, which is heated by simply stratified. All that contains protein - one way, the oil - into another, acidic water - in the third. As a result, we get something where the main product - the same meat swims in some unimaginable amount of fat.

- It's delicious and nazhoristo! - I would argue.

Well, what about nazhoristosti - it is hard to disagree, especially because eating meat is very few people succeed without bread. And what about the taste - very much doubt. Here to start is to remember the form (one form of this fat already repellent), and another - the composition of dishes.

Many times wrote - all of these emulsifiers and thickeners when heated can become dangerous. I'm not a chemist, and will not go into the details - how, or even to repeat them. Because he does not operate the formulas I can.

For me it is enough that the dish baked with mayonnaise disgusting stink of hot vinegar. Therefore, immediately it loses almost all sensory appeal and completely lose the taste of the original product.

It is necessary to you?

If you want something baked with sauce, then take the sour cream (not the fact that it is not curtailed, but all the same it is better) or prepare a classic b├ęchamel.


Milk - 250 ml .;

Butter - 25-35 gr .;

Flour - 25 g .;

Ground pepper - to taste;

Salt - to taste.


Preheat milk to room temperature in a separate bowl melt the butter. On a dry frying pan fry the flour, when it acquires a golden color, with constant stirring, pour in the milk and add the oil. At the final stage of the salt and pepper. Like as easy, right?

This sauce is never exfoliate and will behave when baking perfect!

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