Gourmet burgers Brezhnev himself


Though it is believed that the leaders of the Soviet era were fed exclusively on delicacies, but it is fundamentally not true. Although... Watching what is considered a delicacy. The red king crab can be prepared in such a way that no one there would not be (even the cat will turn away your nose), but you can Offal create something brilliant (I came across these dishes, although the liver, for example, and not very much, and the rest of pluck - and generally can not stand, try forcing yourself through force).

But today, do not let the byproducts, and of meat.

There is a story, the cook of Count Stroganov, meat lover, invented for podrasteryal teeth Mr gourmet beef, now known as "beef stroganoff". However, there is another story of his invention.

According to the custom of the nobles, Count Stroganov held in Odessa, "open table". This meant that any educated or well-dressed man could go to lunch right "off the street". Here for such outdoor tables and was invented hybrid Russian-French dish: small pieces meat, fried with sauce, and the sauce was served not separately, in French, as well as the Russian gravy. Dish conveniently divided into portions and was the same time, at the delicious.

With meatballs Brezhnev matter little clearer. They like telling his cook, "could be chewed his lips." Burgers made so gentle because from the general secretary happened dental problems. Yes, and this is the strong world ...

Reading, by the way, notes about his life, about how preferences have changed over time Leonid Brezhnev. This is very interesting, indeed. Because in his youth he was a true hedonist Brezhnev - a lover of great food, beautiful women and adventure. But in his old age, as we all began to fail.

In his youth, Brezhnev had great respect for the Moldovan and Ukrainian cuisine. Pohlebkin, by the way, wrote that it is in Moldova Brezhnev "fattening":

Fishing on the Dniester and Prut, the mouth of the Danube and Girlie, hunting in Codri and on the border of Moldavia and Northern Bukovina renewed acquaintance Leonid Ilyich not only with boar ham and roast venison in the test, but also opened up for him those previously unfamiliar gastronomic delights as granular sturgeon caviar from Vilkovo Danube sturgeon and Salted herring.
In Moldova, its tasty bread, Brezhnev and simply feed up, that is, turned from "evil colonel," as he used to call at the front, in the well-fed, razdobrevshego, imposing general. For Leonid Ilyich, even in old age does not change the habits of almost hours to primp before the mirror, his blooming appearance meant very much. He informed him confidence and flattered him. Thus, we can say that the Moldavian cuisine actually brought Leonid Brezhnev to the people.

However, there does not necessarily believe Pokhlebkin: only eating, not a career make. But the channel of the food, so do not talk about politics ...

Move on to the recipe:

Per kilogram of meat - one egg, 50 ml whipping cream, salt and pepper to taste. Meat need to scroll in a meat grinder three times.

I suspect that "delicatessen" chops achieved due to the quality of meat, its processing and careful observance of temperature mode during roasting, i.e. due to the skill of the cook. And yet I think that this long minced whipped.

By the way, if you met somewhere information about burgers Brezhnev more - I will be grateful for the information!

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