The classic recipe of Russian heroic soup (after which the heroes no longer want anything)


What there any oysters and foie gras for our own, the Russian peasant. All of these aphrodisiacs suit infirm prYnts yes kings who have a deer park pavilions with a dozen other beauties. They are yes, no foie Plays probably nothing would.

In Russia, the other dreams.

Somehow I came across a statement:

- Hercules does not want French wine soup or broth with Italian spices. He will take a wooden bowl, wooden spoon, chop onions, radishes, bread kvass will flood it all - you canceled your score Turi and sleep heroic sleep.

I've little idea hero who dreams of going to bed to sleep soundly so heroic. If you believe the advertising (and doctors) have heroes slightly different problem (there any anabolic steroids, and other unfavorable factors for heroism).

But today is not about them. Today - about okroshka.

Because in addition to statements that it medley of onions, radishes, bread and kvas - the most coveted soup, plenty of recipes on the Internet it goes well, but referred to as "okroshka" and with a note - "Classic".

Three haha.

Classic recipe hash - a wali in the pot all that God sends. On-bag, by the way, as the story itself. Therefore, there is a dish in a number of variations. Salsola as the hash, not academically sophisticated work created by the chef. They - the essence of rural life, often - from hand to mouth.

Radish and bread, nettle, and even some other weeds, onions, brew - and it is good if the whitened sour cream - here it is, the person hash something. No wonder that after such a soup only to sleep - to save power. On deeds pulls.

A very classic recipe was formed at the beginning of the twentieth century. And there is no capers and, God forgive me, olives. And in her noble red fish there (it was not available in most areas of the Russian Empire, the common people). And even much noble white fish is not observed. Not to mention the smoked salted and other matters sausage range.

Looks classic hash beginning of the twentieth century, as follows: a boiled egg, cucumber, radishes, green onions or onion, dill, any meat additive. It pours it all initially kvass.

Because if you are offered something else, recessed in kefir or water with vinegar (and there is), then remember - this is far from classic. This - fusion and innovation.

PS. By the way, you prefer than the hodgepodge?

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