Instead, put the apples in the apple pie tangerines. I share an unusual recipe for a New Year's mood


To create a Christmas mood, enough tangerines, a little dough and a little time to cook flavored cake. I am telling you how to cook a delicious cake with mandarins.

Here is a pie with tangerines I turned
Here is a pie with tangerines I turned

What to cook from the mandarins? With this question, I have not addressed except that lazy lately. So I decided that it is necessary to make a cake with mandarin oranges. I took as a basis dough for Charlotte, but with the addition of butter and milk.

To cake turned out really delicious and without bitterness, to the choice of mandarins should approach thoroughly. In the end, I'll tell you what is best to use mandarins, not to spoil the pie.

Step by step recipe for tangerine pie

the shape of the ingredients of 22 cm in diameter:

  • Eggs C1 4 pcs
  • 90 g sugar
  • Flour, 170 gr
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder (4 g)
  • Butter 40 gr
  • Milk 100g
  • Vanilla sugar 10 g (1 bag)
  • Seedless mandarins 6 pcs
  • Sugar for the caramel 6 tablespoons
This dough does not like to wait, so make sure you prepare the caramel and tangerine.

How to make caramel

Sugar poured into the pan and put on medium heat. Over time, the sugar begins to melt. Sugar in the melting process does not interfere, otherwise it starts to crystallize.

When the sugar has melted to a brownish color, I poured into the mold, the laid parchment. Spread on top of peeled mandarins, cut in half.

How to make dough

Eggs whip with sugar and vanilla sugar until fluffy foam. I have it took about 5 minutes.

Pour the melted butter and milk room temperature and whip mixer for 2 minutes.

Sift flour and baking powder, and mixing at low speed mixer until uniform.

I decant the dough into the mold and post baked in a preheated 180 ° C oven for 40 minutes. Readiness check on a dry toothpick.

Immediately after baking, until the cake is still hot, through a cake is separated from the blade walls form and flip it to a dish for feeding. Cake should move easily.

Serve still hot, but cold pie will be very tasty. And now I tell you which is best suited mandarins.

In the skin and seeds of tangerine contains bitterness, so it is best to use a seedless mandarins. I tried to extract the bone, but the taste is still getting a bitter taste.

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