Looks like a sweet New Year's gift "Guys Domovyata" for 145 rubles. I bought to find out what's inside 🍬🍫💸


I saw in the store Christmas gift for 145 rubles, and realized that it is necessary to find out what the sweets were put inside for the price. Bought and now want to share with you, whether or not such a gift of their money.

As a child I loved getting sweet Christmas gifts. In the first place I ate all the chocolates and caramels to could never touch. My parents have always managed to get unusual gifts, which were only high quality chocolates.

How do they reach them in times of restructuring, I do not understand. Now the choice has become a huge, but the quality has deteriorated and find something worthwhile is difficult. Today, I make out an inexpensive Christmas gift that will cost only 145 rubles, and at the end to share their opinions, whether to buy it.

How does packaging

packaging design looks very calm and without too much "garbage". However, here there is no Happy New Year! Only a small sign on top that indicates the brand manufacturer.

Today's sweet gift is composed entirely of sweets, which are produced by the same factory - a company Konti-Rus, which is located in Kursk.

I have never seen the products of this company, so I'm curious to know what kind of sweets will be inside.

What's inside

Inside there is a scattering of sweets without excess packaging in cellophane, as it was in the present for 99 rubles (link to leave a review at the end). Famously, when there is nothing superfluous. Almost immediately evident that the box is filled with sweets almost completely. All wrappers new to me, I wonder what kind of name will have sweets.

How many and what kind of candy

Just inside should be 350 grams of sweets, but so will hope shooting I did not have weights handy, that the manufacturer did not disappoint. Judging by the number of sweets, weight should be the same.

All in a package 24 items, of which 22 candies. Surprisingly, this set does not have candy, they love to put in inexpensive gifts as much as possible. During this special thank you.

However, here, instead of candy are the jellies, which is quite a lot, but it's better than sosalki. None of the familiar images I have not met. Let's see what the composition of these sweets.

What is the composition have a gift for 145 rubles

The composition of sweet, in my opinion, such that I would not buy such a gift to your children. Natural ingredients are present, but they are a huge number of supplements herbal substitutes and also preservatives whole truck.

At the end of the composition there is an inscription that the product may contain traces of nuts, but I would be replaced by "The product may contain traces of cocoa", since here it is extremely small. Does this affect the taste?

What flavor

Of course it will affect, it can not affect. To score a taste of substitutes in the candy add as much sugar, but it spoils the already miserable taste of these sweets.


To buy or not to buy such a gift, decide, of course, you. But my opinion is that it is better to look in the direction of more expensive gifts, which I will discuss in upcoming articles.

Overview sweet New Year's gift for 99 rubles to read link.

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