Bread for 16 rubles and 200. Is there a difference 🍞💰😱


I decided to find out why it is worth to try the bread for 200 rubles, and how it differs from the loaf for 16 rubles.

For several years I regularly pass by a shop called "Furnace gift" that is in Troitsk. There bread is baked in a wood oven. Today decided to go and take a bread sample. I came in and was stunned.

The most common bread here costs 200 rubles. The truth is the atmosphere is very nice and smells of freshly baked bread. I bought a rye bread and decided to compare with the usual bread from the store.

Bread for 16 rubles

The bread is packaged in a simple package with small slits. Top fixed clip, which contains the date of manufacture. Nothing special about the bread of himself is. We are all accustomed to this form, rye bread is prepared not only to brick, but the circular shape.

Most of all, buying a cheap bread, I was worried about its composition. But here the manufacturer did not invent anything and composition, in my opinion, good.

Loaf weighs 714 grams, which is slightly larger than indicated on the label. If you count the cost of bread per kilo, it turns out 22.84 RUB / kg.

The shelf life of the bread in 4 days from the date of manufacture. I got a loaf of 2 days old. Though he spent several days in the shop, all the bread was found to be soft. With regards to taste, nothing special. The most familiar black rye bread.

At the end I would like to tell you about my impressions, but this bread is nothing to tell. It the most common ingredients, but at the expense of visitors bread always turns out the same and quality.

Check the price of bread for 16 rubles
Check the price of bread for 16 rubles

I would buy this bread again? Of course yes. Although I do not eat bread every day, but by that taste I used to since childhood and enjoy it now.

Bread for 200 rubles

Bread packed in paper kraft bag. Outwardly, bread is not very similar to an ordinary rye. Nowhere on the packaging no indication of the composition and shelf life. From the words of the seller, the bread is made of natural sourdough, rye and wheat flour, water and salt.

Weight 865 grams of bread, and the price per kilogram - 231 rubles. Storage up to a week if kept without cutting and without air. But even after the bread is not moldy, and just starting to gradually dry up.

I bought bread in the afternoon, just an hour after baking a loaf, and was still warm. I love fresh bread. You would know how hard it was to drop off bread, whole house. The aroma of the car was such that flowed salivating.

Check the price of bread for 200 rubles
Check the price of bread for 200 rubles

The bread is delicious. He obviously did not like a regular rye and has a soft texture and a pleasant taste with a slight tartness. I would buy this bread again? I think yes. The bread is so delicious that it would be desirable to have more and more. It is a pity that the bakery is far from my house.

Is there a difference

Is there a difference between expensive and cheap bread. It certainly is and it can even notice a simple person who does not understand
in cooking.

As for the cost, the price tag of 200 rubles per loaf I was not discouraged, because I can see how much effort was invested to make this bread. It is prepared by hand on natural leaven and bakes all in a wood oven. It is through this and get such a high price.

If all is clear, it turns an ordinary loaf of bread that was produced at the plant. This bread is not bad, it has a good structure and a low cost. But it does not have the taste, aroma, like bread from a wood oven.

And would you buy bread for 200 rubles?

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