As I am preparing jam from apricots: without long cooking and with a minimum of sugar


Recipe that preserves vitamins, a small amount of sugar makes the jam more useful.

Here's a jam from apricots I turned
Here's a jam from apricots I turned

Recently I went to the wholesale market to buy the ingredients for the confectionery. There's now going on chaos fruit. Every day trucks arrive, packed to seasonal fruits and berries.

This time I could not resist and bought 5 boxes of apricots. I decided that this year I will make just a lot of reserves of apricot jam. To quickly process a number of apricots, I took advantage of their proven formula.

The beauty of this recipe in a short cooking and less sugar. In order to reduce the cooking time and the amount of sugar I add jam pectin. Pectin - a natural thickener, which is found in most fruits and berries.

Since the pectin is not always available in most shops, I adapted the recipe for Zhelfiks, which is almost any supermarket.

Cooking method


1 kg apricots pitted
500g sugar
10 grams of pectin or 1 pack zhelfiksa 2: 1
5 g of citric acid


The cooking process apricot jam with pectin
The cooking process apricot jam with pectin

First I wash the apricots and remove seeds. By the way, I got 142 grams pitted to gain 1 kg of "clean" apricots. Half apricots I cut into small cubes.

The second half of apricots I knocking blender until smooth. In order not to dirty extra dishes, do it right in the pan, where I cook.


To puree add the chopped apricots and put on medium heat. 3 tablespoons sugar mixed with pectin (zhelfiksom). When fruit mash slightly warmed, rain Pour pectin (zhelfiks) with sugar and stir until uniform.

When the mass begins to gurgle, but not yet in full swing, I enter the sugar and stir. After boiling, boil 3 minutes, remove from heat, add citric acid and mixed thoroughly.

From 1 kg abriksov I got four banks 350 ml
From 1 kg abriksov I got four banks 350 ml


Still hot jam poured into sterilized jars. Give completely cool down at room temperature and then stored in the refrigerator.

On a note:

Weight Boiling strongly sprinkles, be careful. It is better to use a high pot.
Complete gelation jam occurs after cooling to 4 ° C, i.e. when stored in the refrigerator.
How to sterilize jars. 3 method
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