What to cook before April 30 and how to feed a family with a minimum income: millet recipes


Not only porridge and soup, but much more can be made from millet groats: pilaf, meatballs, casseroles, chicken! Save recipes!

According to the recollections of my mother, in the 50-60s. When she was a child, her father (my grandfather) was a tailor in the village, so people often paid in food for his work. And mostly millet.

In the morning, millet porridge, at lunchtime millet floated in soup, and for dinner, millet kulesh was served with a spoonful of stew or a piece of bacon in a pot.

Needless to say, millet no longer climbed to anyone... Then her grandmother (my great-grandmother Dasha), began to set up culinary experiments and perked up from nasty millet to cook quite tasty food for herself.

I think now is the time to recall those very village ways of economical food and learn how to cook real masterpieces from budget millet.


Millet casserole with meat or sweet

You can make a hearty one with meat and herbs or sweet with jam or frozen berries and condensed milk.

How to cook:
1. Rinse the millet, boil until tender. For casserole, millet should be cooked not crumbly, but puree. Season with salt and sugar. If the casserole is sweet, then a little more sugar can be.

2. Grease a baking dish with oil.
3. Put half of the millet porridge into a mold. Lay out the filling on top (boiled meat from soup with fried onions, pumpkin slices, apple slices or jam), whatever you like.
4. Place the second part of the porridge in an even layer on the filling.
5. Beat 1 egg with sugar and a little milk. In a sweet casserole, sweeten the sauce and season with cinnamon, and add pepper or herbs to a hearty one.
6. Pour the porridge in the form of an egg mixture and place in a hot oven. Bake for about 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Or this option.

Millet casserole with cottage cheese

A very tender casserole - great for an afternoon snack or breakfast!

How to cook:
1. Cook sweet millet porridge.
2. Mix porridge with cottage cheese and eggs, add 2 tbsp. l. flour. Vanillin and raisins are optional.
3. Grease the form with butter, lay out the millet mass, grease the top with a beaten egg or sour cream.
4. Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve with sour cream.

Millet salad

How to cook:
1. Boil millet in water. Salt a little. Need a crumbly and crumbly porridge.
2. Cut cucumber, tomato, onion into cubes.
3. Mix vegetables with cold millet porridge. Add canned corn and fresh herbs. Salt and pepper to taste.
4. Season the salad with vegetable oil or mayonnaise.

Millet balls

How to cook:
1. Cook the usual viscous millet porridge, cool.
2. Add raw eggs to the porridge, mix. If it is liquid, add a little flour or bread crumb. Salt, pepper, or vice versa, sweeten - at will and taste.
3. Divide the mass into portions, roll in breadcrumbs and fry in oil on both sides until golden brown.
Serve ready-made meatballs hot. You can make sweet or hot sauce for them.

Millet pie "Kurnik"

How to cook:
1. Cook millet porridge. For the pie, you need 2-3 glasses of ready-made porridge.
2. Fry onions and carrots in vegetable oil, add any vegetables you have. Can be frozen - eggplant, zucchini, pepper. Season to taste, if there are herbs, herbs and garlic, is also great.
3. Boil the chicken separately and take apart into pieces. If you cooked soup, you can take it from it. Or, if possible, make a separate piece.
4. Drive 2 eggs into the cooled millet porridge and pour in 0.5 cups of milk, season with salt and mix well.
5. Put 2/3 of the millet porridge in a deeply oiled form, forming a basket. On the bottom of the porridge, put a layer of chicken breast, fried vegetables on top, filling the filling to the brim.
6. Cover the filling with the remaining porridge, grease the top with sour cream and bake at 180 g for about 30 minutes.

Pilaf with millet

How to cook:
1. Fry meat, onions, carrots in fat or oil.
2. Rinse the groats, pour over the prepared ingredients in a saucepan.
3. Very moderately add water, listening to the inspiration: excess water is a sticky porridge.
Less water - crumbly pilaf. Spices to taste.

Someone will say that this is not pilaf, but kulesh. Maybe only this will be a very rich modern kulesh. It turns out very tasty and satisfying! Enjoy your meal!

I wish you all health and patience! Everything will be fine!

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Thanks for reading to the end!

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