Water helps to lose weight.


Today I want to talk to you about water.

We often hear that you should drink enough water. With that, our favorite teas and coffee do not count!) But why? And why should not drink only juice, for example, tea or coffee, and it is necessary to clean drinking water?

Ever since the school program known that our body consists of 2/3 water and lost 20% of the water people can die. Dehydration leads to many chronic diseases.

Scientists argue that it is sufficient intake of clean drinking water

It helps:

* Improve metabolism, eliminate toxins,

* Fight cellulite,

* Saves, sorry, constipation,

* Has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular activity.


* Water is a good diuretic,

* Water transports useful elements to various organs,

* Water maintains muscle tone.

Previously, I almost did not drink the water. But a lot had been drinking black sweet tea and thought that was enough. Well, not like me water.

And going on a proper diet, well, or OkoloPP😀, I decided it was time to get acquainted with clean drinking water, especially from sweet black tea of ​​course, had to give up, I replaced it with green tea, but not as it was delicious to me at first, not much drink).

And, you know, starting to drink water (about 2.5 liters per day, taking into account the weight with which I began to lose weight), I felt the difference!

As no surprise, but the swelling had gone toe! I forgot as soon as difficult to get into the boots after work, in the summer the heat is constantly swollen feet! Improved skin, nails! It not so noticeable was the cellulite - that's the truth!

In addition, water helps us to cope with an appetite! If you are drawn to eat, but prior to the scheduled meal is far, then drink a glass of water, you may have only a thirst and you're not hungry! Before each meal, I drink a glass of water, and to reduce food portions.

Now I love the water, treat it with respect and do not forget to drink your rate!

Calculate how much you need to drink water a day for you, it is very easy!

Per kilogram of need to drink your 30-40 mL of water. Do not forget that in the summer and if you exercise you should drink a little more water. By reducing the weight of the water rate is also reduced!

The basic rules of communication with the water for me were the following:

* Daily on an empty stomach to drink a glass of water

Always have on hand a bottle of water

* Before using the food about 15 minutes to drink a glass of water

* She felt an appetite - drank water.

* Most of the rules have a drink in the morning and try not to drink a lot before bedtime.

And take a little advice from me, if you forget to drink water, use a reminder on your phone. You can even download an application that will at certain intervals you to offer a glass of water).

But with a bottle of water, I shall not leave!
But with a bottle of water, I shall not leave!

Start drinking water in adequate quantities and you will feel how your body will thank you!

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I do not pretend to be an expert PP. Just sharing experiences. I "OkoloPP"!

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