Lose Weight 43 kg


Good day, losing weight!

Who for the first time on my channel? Let's get acquainted! My name is Anja and in May 2018 I went on about proper nutrition and caloric deficit.
In his blog, I talk about how is my weight loss process with 132.2 kg, share recipes and experiences.
At the present time I have been able to get rid of 43 kg.

Palm Sunday. Congratulations to all on the bright holiday!

Photos flowering willow Palm Sunday).
Photos flowering willow Palm Sunday).

Well, my family and I have conceived this Sunday to open the season barbecue. Especially since all this has - and the weather, and our new location (right in front of the windows to the forest edge glade in which the residents of our residential complex spend the warm season with a barbecue and games with children).

But waking up and bringing myself up to have breakfast need.

For breakfast I had sandwiches with whole wheat bread (60g), lettuce and salted chum (40 g). Chocolate 75% (15 g) to green tea and, of course, I did not forget about vitamins and omega-3 capsule.

Breakfast is turned on 360 kcal.

Well, then I turned, probably the first or second my real chitmil when I do not count calories and indulge yourself with some forbidden food for me. Previously, if I allow myself to that -That still trying to write it in KBZHU. But as they say chitmil it and then chitmil to relax psychologically and restart the body for further weight loss.

It so happened that the 11 hours we spent the whole day in nature, and of course opened the season barbecue. But I would not if I did not make myself separate skewer from turkey... yet there is a certain fear of certain foods and want something -That easier and not much could undermine the process of weight loss)

The day turned out I had a couple of plates, like these:

And yes, I allowed myself a couple of cups of wine (again, you can not? Half a year)

And the most harmful of what I now even ashamed of itself - are two sausages with a piece of lavash is already in the evening... it turns out to dinner.

Here someone runs to alcohol when it comes to an end, and we ran out of sausages, because it sat well in the open air almost grove that wanted to extend the day even if only for a little bit).

Basically I certainly lean on vegetables and hope to restart my system was successful and the process of losing weight will go further even better!)

And what do you have spent the weekend? Observe whether diet or too afford to relax? I know that fasting was the last day when you can treat yourself!

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I do not pretend to be an expert PP. Just sharing experiences. I "OkoloPP"!

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