As I carve herring fillets. A simple stepwise scheme


I have a lot of recipes on the channel, which uses salted herring fillets. So, I think, will not be superfluous to tell you how to quickly clean the fish from the bones, so that only the fillet left.

For butchering fish I use a sharp, only sharpened the knife and cutting board. Any newspaper, as do many, I do not use. The printing ink a lot of lead, which can get to the fish.

Step 1

In herring cut abdomen, remove the entrails. If there are eggs, then I leave. We eat it, too. Now wash the fish. I wash out directly under the tap (we have good water, purified) at the same time remove the black film directly by hand or with a knife.

step 2

To cut off the head of a herring with fins have gills, tail and fins on the abdomen. If necessary, wash out the fish again.

step 3

Rented with herring skin in the direction of the place where the head was. The skin is removed easily, the main thing to pick up it.

step 4

All along the ridge I make an incision and remove the upper fin.

step 5

Now the most difficult and fundamental. Hands take the ridge and carefully remove it in the direction from the head to the tail. Already at this stage can get 2 of the fillet. If not, then clipped the knife to fillet happened.

I learned to do it properly is not the first time, but then adapt himself and is always now obtained. And much depends on the herring. If it is salted, fresh (well, that is not lying for a long time), with an elastic fillet, it is very easy ridge is removed. And if the fish are not the first freshness so to speak, the fillets may be split up.

step 6

I get out large pits that were left on the fillets. That's all. As you can see, it is very easy and simple.

Write in the comments, but how do you carve a herring? Maybe there is even more simple and convenient way?

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