Firming formula for heart health


"Heart, you do not want to rest ..." - sung in the famous song. And well, I do not want... But to make it work with comfort, it is necessary to help our heart.

My neighbor taught me to do a mixture of several components to support the cardiovascular system.

We need the following components:

0.5 kg pumpkin fresh or frozen

0.5 kg of dried apricots

1 Lemon powder

1 cup honey

Cooking method

Mince the pumpkin, apricots and lemon. Add honey. To mix everything. Put in a glass jar. Close plastic lid. Keep refrigerated.

Eat 3 times a day for 1-2 tablespoons before meals. And it is possible that a mixture of breakfast and eat a whole cup, instead of cereal. Very tasty and healthy. After the pumpkin - a famous doctor. It improves the functioning of the digestive tract, regulates salt balance, improves vision, strengthens the walls of blood vessels... A dried apricots rids the body of toxins, it gives precious vitamins and minerals for Health restoring human ...

Our family pumpkin - it's HER MAJESTY! We harvests it from the autumn and store in the cellar. By the spring it is not enough and that it is not spoiled, we cut it into small pieces and freeze.

You can all summer cook porridge or make a smoothie on a blender.

So you want to with pumpkin friends all people!

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