Never freeze eggs. I tell why


Zen happened unhealthy fad (none other than the flu), and the typical desperate housewife Frost All that whatever is handy. Even scary. Only yesterday morning, I read stories about why they are frozen sponges, dish soap, liquid soap and eggs.

In the past, it seems, month, sponges kitchen corners cut. It was a trend. Who is the one who, two, three most advanced and the most-advanced and four. Corner, I mean. My feed every day talked about the achievements of the circumcision sponges and asked - and you want to know why?

I found out. Do not want anymore.

But there is a suspicion - with the pace of evolution of sponges and freezing, the next month will be a bunch of life hacking, calling freeze sponge, soap and eggs at once.

I want to know what will come up with an explanation for this... I want and dread. Because there are in fact people that believe. And eggs, for example, freeze. Even if not in the shell (when the eggs simply will crack), and without soap, and in the molds for ice, but all the same product will be damaged.

I'll tell you why.

I wondered why the frozen eggs for sale there? The maximum that sell -zamorozhenny melange, homogeneous mass of eggs broken, but not whipped. And this product is for industrial use, rather, not for home.

This is because the freeze eggs without losing their consumer properties (sorry for dry tovarovedsky language) - is impossible. Impossible. We do not come up with even this method!

If you freeze eggs in the shell, it is likely to crack.

If you freeze an egg without the shell, the yolk simply become a rubber something.

The only way to freeze such a valuable product - turn it into a melange: that is, to mix, but do not whip! You can still add salt or sugar, if it is necessary to freeze egg yolks - then turn after freezing is not rubber, and a gel.

Melange, too, must be frozen according to the rules - freezing temperature shall be twenty-three degrees below zero, and the time - about a day.

In industry melange use, but to be honest - it is frozen very much changes the taste of the finished dish and the dough on such a melange not really and rises.

From frozen eggs the same house you do not do any sensible omelet or scrambled eggs fried eggs in the test, they will be completely useless.

So no matter how attractive it may seem an option to save, freezing left over from cooking anything whites or yolks, do not do it. Or use (cook) the remains now, or dispose of at once - then still have to do it.

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