Cheap and cheerful: two potato casserole recipe, simple and delicious


Potatoes in our country - almost the foundation of the diet. Especially in the fall. Because many of its still grow themselves, and we will certainly be honest - our economy is coming out of great help.


Perhaps more than the potatoes we use only cheapest pasta (and I say this without ridicule, and sadly). Because cheap pasta - muck rare, and cook them properly - still have to dodge. And, as for me - potatoes, it is useful to be ...

Especially because of the potatoes can be built a lot of not very expensive dishes. Some kinds of casseroles... Oh, and do not count them species. Potato gratin, too, is one of those "combine all that is in the refrigerator of the combination."

Here, for example is a great option potato gratin with pickled mushrooms.

Take the boiled potatoes, cut it into slices. Spread on bottom of a casserole, buttered before - whether vegetable, cream, makes no difference.

Now fry the onion, sliced ​​in this case does not matter. Wash pickled mushrooms, if large cut them and mix with onions. Spread on the first layer of potatoes, camouflage, of course, the second layer of the potato slices.

Slices of the way, let it be not too thick - well, more will go to the centimeter, and after that stout. The result is ugly, here.

When assembled casserole, mix the sauce for her. Cup sour cream, beat with a couple of tablespoons of flour. According to the density of the sauce should be like a liquid cream, so if you have a very thick - add a little water.

Proportions, salt and pepper: 800 grams of potatoes should be like for my taste, and the mushrooms and onion - ie filling - half the weight of the potatoes, the ratio - as you yourself like. Add salt and pepper as needed, but IMHO - the best potatoes to boil in salted water, then more salt is no longer needed, and pepper in a casserole I do not like.

In its hold oven for 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees.

Second Embodiment - fish with anchovies (but not fresh, pickled or salted).

However, will any fish spicy salted or pickled.

To start from the very pilchards clean fins, heads, viscera and skeletons. Baked dish is not so long, so do not have time to steam the bone.

Then prepare potatoes: potatoes 800 grams convert into a puree, add milk or cream, salt, We are trying to drive a couple of yolks and... secret of the company: the two proteins separately whisk and mix the puree with whipped protein foam. On the one hand, as mashed potatoes for casseroles still do dense proteins play a role here should not be. On the other - such makarom mass obtained gentler.

Form of lubricating oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs (or sprinkle as you like), spread half of the mashed potatoes on it - brushed pilchards, top camouflage puree, lubricating oil or an egg and send bake at 200 degrees minutes thirty.

Bon Appetit!

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