"The crunch French bread." What garbage fed an ordinary person before the revolution


Ever wonder why the Soviet recipes have become so popular? I often hear (and see) the indignant comments, they say, it is necessary to revive the Russian cuisine, Russian cuisine is necessary to love.

Who argues, in the culinary collections there are plenty of excellent Russian recipes. Here are just prepared for him, God forbid ten percent of the population of the Russian Empire. And all the rest, sorry for being rude, pozhrat- the first time been able to normal only when the Revolution to the Civil War died down ...

One of the most popular legends is now - say, before the revolution in Russia was a grace. Raspberry peal rang out over the country, where the river flowed with milk Kiselny banks. Fresh products of excellent quality like magically appeared on any table - from the most that neither is rasposledny beggar, to the priest-emperor. What can we say about good, bright individuals peasants bitter Do not drink, chewing sweetly nourishing soup with meat, not less meat-containing cereal, all sorts of pigs and chickens uncounted, and wash down all this jug of milk and seized lush kalatches

Here! Milk! The nostalgic descriptions of mowing is drinking milk jug, it was flowing mustache and beard on his chest, and jug, out of nowhere, appeared more and more.

That's funny. That's one of the descriptions left by Tolstoy (which Leo Nikolayevich)

In all these villages, although there is no mix with the bread, as it was in 1891, but the bread, though clean, did not give their hearts' content. Welding - wheat, cabbage, potato, even the majority of, no. The food consists of herbal soup, whitened, if there is a cow, and nezabelennyh, if it does not - and only bread. In all these villages, the majority sold and mortgaged everything that can be sold and lay.
From Guschina I went to the village Gnevyshevo from which two days ago, came to the peasants, asking for help. The village is this, as well as Gubarevka from 10 yards. Ten yards here four horses and four cows; almost no sheep; all the houses are so old and bad that barely stand. All are poor, and all of begging to help them. "If I could more or less rested guys" - say women. "And then asking folder (bread), and give nothing, and do not fall asleep uzhinayuchi" ...

So maybe Tolstoy or lying in the cities better was that? Because we all know how much he could afford if city dwellers!

Count Musin-Pushkin, who lived at the expense of its 40 thousand serfs, he surprised dinners Moscow, which cost a lot of money. On some candy he spent a year 30 000 rubles. Extravagance of his income before he fattened turkeys trufelyami and calves otpaival cream and held in cradles as infants. Poultry appointed for slaughter, instead of oats received pine nuts and walnuts, but instead of water - cream and wine.

Urban residents were many. Any-ranking nobles, again, merchants, and workers... According to official data (which is somewhat less informal, for "black market" of labor there and then), in 1886 workers in Russia was 837,000, in 1893 - about 1 million. 200 thousand in 1902 - 1 million. 700 thousand people. Other workers and children in the public schools taught and Putilov at the factory by the hand with the masters greeting. But that's only a layer of the "labor aristocracy" was thin, like a fresh autumn crust of ice on a puddle - a crust.

Someone might have and will on de Julien, and most of the fed... bad. Badly. Remember like Gilyarovskogo?

In the fog moving crowd of ragged, flit about as vague as in a bath, lights. It victuals traders are sitting in rows on the huge cast iron pots or with "corned beef", fried spoiled sausage boiling in iron boxes over the brazier, with Bulonki that longer called "dog joy"…
Khitrovskaya "foodies" love to feast on leftovers. "But it was a grouse!" - savoring some "former". Who easier - eating potato stew with rancid bacon, cheek, throat, lung, and cow offal wrapped roll with the unwashed greens stomach contents - a scar, which is called "grouse".

What else could I do, if the working day - 11 hours or more, the worker himself entangled in obligations from head to toe, and the employer has no obligation not to him, and the money to pay will be as he likes, and no money can expel, the council - no? If you do not believe me, read Pajitnov, "Working Class in Russia", 1908 edition. This analysis of numerous reports of factory inspectors and other researchers and reviewers.

I think that after reading this you will be gone hunting tokovat of crunch French rolls, which supposedly stood over the Russian, and understand - why Soviet recipes, seemingly simple and not sophisticated, have become so popular among the people in the country who finally got the opportunity JUST IS ...

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