Fish on vegetable cushion: eat even children!


Fish - a good thing. Every time I remember her cooking as a child persuaded to eat a piece - say, eat, Olezhenka, become clever! I was lucky - his wife and children love to fish (well, as I have, I'm with them for the company).

What pleases - the fish is very fond of the princess, Jr., Polina Olegovna. It is very difficult to please, many dishes Her Highness turned away, his whole appearance dismantling - my God, how disgusting it is your children's porridge! Give me something to really edible!

This time the recipe "really edible" was invented, virtually on the go. The thing is that with the summer fields and grandparents arrived powerful vegetable reinforcements and filled the whole refrigerator. You had something urgent to do with all this carrots, potatoes, onions.

I had only buy cod!

For meals you need

• Cod (again took briquettes)

• Potatoes

• Carrot

• Celery

• Tomatoes in they own juice

• White beans

• Bow

• Greens

How to cook?

Chop onion rings, carrot slices, celery, chop finely

All this mixture is fried in olive oil, then add it to the tomatoes in their own juice and white beans

Now it's time potatoes. Sliced ​​thinly, put it on top of other vegetables, add a little water and put the lid to prepare the fire, a little above average.

Vegetables cook faster if finely chopped. Keep this in mind.

Of all cod - at the very end. Put the potatoes on top and leave to languish under the cover approximately 8 minutes

That's all. Left sprinkle with herbs and you're done!

PS. About spices I do not write - all are, we have the child eat the same thing that we do, because right now with spices try to remain neutral. And you too, add them to your liking.

The dish turns out beautiful, you can believe it!

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