How to wash utensils to shine without much difficulty


Frankly - I like perfectly clean pots and pans. To like the pictures where designers showcase their ideal kitchen. However, I have a suspicion that all the dishes in these pictures was just out of the store, and never saw the burners, and the one I have at home - in the course of time.

Once thought that a lot of problems with the dishwasher pots and pans decides automatically, but it turned out - no. Alas. Induction hob - also a great invention (no black marks on fire burners), but fat plaque on the walls (especially pans outside) still formed and may eventually become a Nagar.

To avoid this, it is necessary after each use otdraivat pan inside and out, and not just wash. But let's be honest - everyone does it? Many daily runs along the outside of the pots and pans or abrasive zhiroudalitelem?

Not. And it's not sloppiness. Up to a point, this plaque is not visible, and then bang - appeared.

Now sell these "wonder drug", such as melamine sponges or zhiroudaliteley. Zhiroudaliteli But, I confess, I do not like, because they have to wash and then a very long time (and still remains a suspicion that they form a film on the dishes).

The easiest way is probably just take it all... boil. With commonplace "Fairey", for example. By the way, from the inside of the pan and the pan is easiest to clean the case. Pour water, add dishwashing detergent and boil for ten minutes. Departs almost everything then remains only to wash.

But outside ...

For stubborn dirt and not easy soot, to wash grease splashes on the stove and adjacent surfaces, if you do not immediately washed, and they become solid:

Take the most common white soap produced in Turkey - ┬źDuru┬╗ .Mozhno take ours, but it smells very filthy and washes, in my opinion, worse.

Wet pots, pans, any surface, thoroughly lather it with white soap, so that there was a strong and visible dense foam.

Leave for ten minutes, then simply wash off the back (hard) foam sponge side, not putting no physical effort (in the sense that it is not pressing the sponge, not shkryabaya surface, anything), just wash off. Pollution go on one-two-three.

If you need to wash something really dirty or very old (I had experience with "ovensWaffle" Soviet times, found on a country attic), then there will have to tinker.

Polbruska this soap rub on a grater, dissolved in water, boil it, and there, in this solution, send the thing to clean up. Half an hour - and just wash it! Depart virtually all contaminants except black soot on the old pans.

By the way, black soot is best to brush away sand blasting or grinder, but to do it at home you do not advise ...

PS. If this soap cleans the glass surface or glossy is better then rinse with a solution of citric acid to shine.

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