New dishes of the "instant noodles": my experience of crazy experiments


"Doshirak" and other noodles, called us succinctly and simply "beach-bags", food is expensive. We can say, the elite. A kilo of excellent Italian pasta is cheaper than it's dried web. But they say that it is the dried web has some very, very spicy, even more so, interesting taste!

I do not know, I do not know.

Frankly, the last time he "Doshirak" I ate that way three years ago on the train. Eat very much wanted, and instant noodles were the only option is not poisoned.

But ever since the channel started in Zen, regularly ranked in the various teasers such as "five most delicious dishes from the" instant noodles "or" Rolton. " And I am trying to repeat something that is mentioned in them.

Family reacts to it prostosto saying that very roof gone, the breadwinner. Overtired.

First of all I experimented with dipami. Rather, with the dip sauce. Sauce dip made with fresh or roasted vegetables or fruit, with added spices, seasonings and herbs. The consistency of the sauce dip closer to a thick cream. This delicious thing, really. If it is a normal sauce dip. Perhaps the most popular dip - spicy Mexican sauce Guacamole.

But Russian folk sauce dip gravy... of instant noodles.


• «Doshirak", 2 pcs

• Cream 10%, 200 ml

• Bulb, 1 Piece

• Champignon mushrooms

• Salt pepper

Noodles fill with water, onion and mushrooms fried in butter three minutes, making it into a blender with warm cream, salt, pepper, get... something.

No, it really is something that does not cause appetite. Believe me, quick cream sauce from almost the same ingredients (except the noodles), it will be much tastier and cheaper!

So the recipe - do not advise.

And here is the second recipe - Lasagna of instant noodles.

It should be:

• «Doshirak", 2 pcs.

• 500 g of minced

• durum cheese, 300 g

• Egg 1 pc.

• Tomato paste

• Fresh herbs (basil is perfect)

• Salt pepper

• Butter

Pour boiling water over noodles, salt, leave to swell.

Stir minced with salt, pepper and raw egg. Tomato paste and herbs break through together in a blender, you can add a little boiled water to the sauce was not too thick.

Form lasagna lubricating oil to spread the first layer of noodles, then - beef, a layer of noodles - mince. Top Pour sauce and sprinkle each layer of grated cheese, the last layer must go cheese. We put in the oven and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

My conclusion: lasagna little seems more like a normal casserole of macaroni, and use a good quality pasta is much more favorable to her than here is "something".

The point, of course, the taste, but the "beach-package" and remains for me the beach-package separately from its dry component, it is useless.

I can not even write at the end of "bon appetit" Rather, let me remind you buy high-quality products! It will be cheaper.

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