Food bachelor four poultry dishes, fish and meat, which "prepare themselves"


Somehow, it is believed that a single man should live... well, if not starving, then on "instant noodles", or in the best case - scrambled eggs. Because beckon bachelors on borscht other goodies. In fact, of course, a lie. If you want to eat - you eat yourself to cook.

And there are many dishes that are particularly long fuss require.


Option one: meat

Men like meat. Well, really! Prepare yourself to a tasty piece of meat (which is the next day, can play the role of sausage), it is not so difficult.

Take the pork or beef, coated with mustard it (if no other condiments, marinades not), add salt, Perch, garlic press down, wrap tightly in aluminum foil, throws a shelf cupboard or refrigerator stand pair hours.

After - obtain, giving reach room temperature and opjat same, for a few hours in the oven. When the flat float fragrance, which drools meat is ready.

Simply? As ABC! You can eat hot with a side dish or without, can be used for salads and sandwiches.

Option Two: chicken

Chicken bird whimsical, special training is required.

Bought, washed thoroughly, rubbed with spices (though finished shopping mixture), and then - poured salt on a baking pack and blurted this salt chicken feather bed. An hour and a half in the oven and you have a ready dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day. Can be used for everything.

Third Embodiment: Fish

Here, again, is simple. We need fish, seasoning and salt. The only necessary not to take pollock, and something more scaly. Clean the fish from the inside, keeping the body's head, pushed her abdomen bunch of parsley and a slice of lemon, pepper, precipitating salts packs on the floor pan, on it - the fish on top again salts shorter should turn hydrochloric slide, in which the fish not to be seen. You send in the oven. Time - an hour and a half, again.

You get, smash a salt crust (ideally it will depart with the scales and skin), and get a delicious, delicate fish.

Option four: the chicken or meat with sauce

Take the chicken - dismemberment (shin al thigh), or the meat cut into chunks. Take a bow, a lot of onions. Cut the onion into half rings. Take the bank (three-liter) and a cover for closing, such that with rezinochkoy. Rezinochku throwing, we do not need it.

Now, on the bottom of the banks pour the onion, then throws a layer of chicken or meat, salt, pepper, pour the onions and so repeat as long as we do not run out of food. The last layer to be onion.

Put the jar in a cool (this is important), the oven, covered with a lid, without gum. Turning gas at 180-200 and so on leave a half hour. Turn off the gas and give stand still hour thirty minutes. We get the chicken or meat in a fragrant onion gravy. Excellent come with any side dish.

Bon Appetit!

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