Five dishes for the Saturday dinner (or lunch) are prepared effortlessly and tasty that Yum


They say the family should all have dinner together. It would be good for dinner, but it is few who can, even on weekends. But dinner - is sacred! And this dinner should be, if not grand (some solemnity in the twenty-something), but at least tasty.

And not because of convenience foods.

No, I do not condemn those who are semi-uses, the rhythm of life, constant fatigue, all that. But there are plenty of recipes that do not require a long fuss, not too costly. That's fair, compare the cost of a piece of meat, and what some of dumplings, which will not shy away cat. Meat, even beef - more profitable.

Because today a selection of recipes that will not tire so that then there would not be desirable, and serves them out - Yum. Just for a family get-togethers.

Here I will give just the layout, links to the gradual preparation - at the end of the publication (because he wrote about them before)

1. Roast lamb with vegetables

You will need:

· Lamb Leg

· Red pepper

· Carrot

· Celery

· Garlic

· Bow

· Rosemary

· Olive oil

· Spices

2. Baked pork ribs with sauce

You will need:

• Meat

• Salt

• Pepper

• Honey

• Soy sauce

• Gortsitsa to taste

3. Turkey with vegetables, stewed in a cauldron


• Thigh turkey

• Potatoes

• Carrot

• Bow

• Mushrooms

• Thyme

• Salt pepper

4. Beef in mint marinade

You will need:

• mint beam (1 pc)

• Balsamic vinegar (1 tablespoon)

• Apple vinegar (1 tablespoon)

• Salt (1 teaspoon)

• Sugar (2 teaspoons)

• Pepper to taste

• Olive oil (2 tablespoons)

• The very Beef

5. Leg of lamb in beer

You will need:

• Leg of lamb

• Carrot

• Bow

• Garlic

• Thyme

• Beer (Pale Ale)

• Broth

• Bay leaf

• Spices

Step by step preparation of each dish I have described:

Leg of lamb in beer: a simple dish category "Yum"

Roast lamb: luxurious taste and no moshenstva

Baked pork ribs with sauce: gastronomic ecstasy

Dinner "of Baba Yaga": turkey with vegetables, stewed in a cauldron

Mint marinade for beef: a new recipe for barbecue season

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