This pasta (pasta) with his own hands: cheap and tasty!


This Italian pasta (especially soft, with addition of eggs) piece very tasty. But it's worth it somehow unreal expensive (and still has a very short shelf life), because often we prefer to buy a dry paste. Or banal pasta. But in fact, the house itself can be cooked quite authentic Italian dish.

To begin with, it is necessary, of course, zamorochitsya flour. Need flour from durum wheat, so-called nibs or semolina. If not, then take the white baking flour top grade.

450 grams of flour will need a teaspoon of salt (preferably sea), 4 eggs and a tablespoon of olive oil. Oh, three tablespoons of cold water.

Flour with salt sift into a bowl, make a recess in it, add the eggs, oil and water.

And then we begin to puff and mix, panting and mix. Interfere with a dough hard, therefore it is better to do it on the board. Until smooth it will have to puff a very long time - about fifteen minutes, at a minimum, but the result is worth it.

can be added to a multi-colored dough into a puree of spinach, turmeric, or dried tomatoes. If you add the puree should accordingly reduce the amount of water.

Proofing, even dough and yeast, it is necessary (that has something to do with gluten, yes). So we wrap it with foil and leave for an hour (in the refrigerator and can be on all night). The main thing that the dough is not dried up, because when you roll out and cut, do it in parts, carefully wrapping the remaining dough.

What's next, then a test to do, how to cut? Since the pasta we have soft, something good at tagliatelle (turn off thinly rolled seam roll and cut crosswise into pieces of 12 mm in width).

Taltelle to cheer goes with "liquid" sauces based on tomatoes or cream cheese.

Can be of such a test slice lasagna (I recently bought in hyper dry - so toad nearly devoured, she her!)

And you can make tortellini. It is not so simple - you must first cut into slices, put the stuffing and close up... dumplings. Filling for tortellini can be anything. I like of fried chicken breast, mushrooms and cheese.

Once cut or paste to stick - give it to dry a bit before cooking.

By the way, very good for a pasta sauce is an option that I nicknamed "pesto era of import substitution." Take a bunch of basil, a couple of cloves of garlic, scroll through it in the blender, salt, pour oil (olive) and stir. You can add pine nut, you can add e. Tasty (especially since the pesto in its classical form, with Parmesan, for some reason, the child persistently refuses to eat).

Bon Appetit!

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