Spanish black rice with seafood


Imagine the situation. Have you planned a visit. Guests of the guests, but it is better they are not planned, of course. Because you love them you do not feel special, your dog at the sight of the guests frowns, and the cat - pointedly expresses disdain, considering it beneath his dignity to them even in the shit shoes.

And you do not invite them, on the contrary, trying to be polite, you explain - this Monday will storm the Himalayas, on Tuesday - to fight for the rights of the penguins, on Wednesday you have to plan search for new forms of life with the metabolism, mainly in the expansion of the silicon, and this can only be done in the Sahara... but they still are scheduled to visit and apply for dinner, then cook something fearful

Tasty, but terrible. Because the guests flee, thinking that you want to poison them, and dinner will be.

Here are black rice with seafood, for example. to many it makes a very strong impression, most of these many refuse to even try the dish, but in vain. In fact - nothing. Very tasty!

So, take:

• Figure

• shrimp

• squid

• mini squid

• mussels

• green pea

• pepper green

• cuttlefish

• cuttlefish ink

• lemon

• shrimp broth

• garlic

The proportions do not write, for it is not measured out, to be honest. Approximately seen in the photograph. broth volume is calculated as about 150 grams of rice per 500 milliliters of broth.

Chop the garlic, pepper and shrimp. Fry it all on medium heat, add products to the pan in turn: first pepper, then - garlic

Following on a hot sent mussels and cuttlefish. Thirty seconds later add the peas.

When he and fry, mussels should get, pour the broth, dilute it cuttlefish ink and then bring to a boil, add the rice. At the time of cooking with rice leave for 15-20 minutes.

When the rice is ready, add the prawns and squid, give to stand for another five minutes... and you can serve. Bon Appetit!

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