A clever way of cooking eggs, in which they will not crack


Why crack the egg? For the same reason, which causes them to explode in the microwave: the pressure difference. The egg is one, around the egg - different. So today analyze ways of cooking eggs, so that they are not cracked, and thus were tasty.

Once I caught the eye of advice to cook hard-boiled eggs for two hours. Like, when such a long heat treatment they killed all the bacteria and viruses, and the eggs themselves acquire some really very wonderful, nutty flavor. I do not know.

Scary wild salmonella, of course, have the ability to penetrate through the shell of the egg in the protein, but the time to do this, they need a lot. So that the fresh egg is unlikely to be infected (even if laboratory monitoring disappoint). Moreover, Salmonella are killed when cooked rather quickly: the temperature of 100 degrees to disinfect the product for three minutes. At 70 degrees, the time should be a little more, but 10-15 minutes is enough for the eyes and the ears.

So cook the eggs two o'clock - is inappropriate. Although, if only because during that time they will turn into something rubber, plohoukusaemoe. These eggs tennis to play better, but not on the table to serve.

Cook hard-boiled eggs in two ways:

1. Put in cold water, bring to a boil, cook seven minutes
2. We put in cold water, boiling, remove from heat and leave for 12 minutes.

Ways of cooking in the bag I was already three known:

1. Egg put in cold water after boiling Boil 4-5 minutes
2. Egg cook 8 minutes in a double boiler
3. Egg put in a boiling water, pre generously sypanuv salt there. Cook for 12 minutes at a minimum fire, then we give stand in hot water for five minutes.

Very hemorrhoidal way for fans zamorochitsya. But here for the first time featured salt. Cool salt water - one of the methods equalize the pressure in the egg outside. The salt increases the density of the water in which it is cooked, thus increasing the pressure in the external environment... but in the egg by heating it grows rapidly. Because salt water without salt... Sense, mostly small. To calculate the optimum amount of salt is simply impossible to the average person. Can physics and managed to ...

Way to cook soft-boiled eggs using only one:

1. We place the eggs in cool water after boiling Boil three minutes.

And now we go to the tricks.

Well, the fact that the cold eggs if you decide to cook them in hot water, will crack, everyone knows that. because the eggs are usually heated at least to room temperature.

But the most reliable, as long as people have come up with this needle... Yes, with the blunt end of the egg is necessary to pierce, but not thoroughly. Remember that there is an air bag? That's right, he is most often to blame for the fact that the eggs - crack. when heated air expands. To balance the pressure inside and outside of the shell does not work, but because it... crack.

So if you want to cook a beautiful and delicious egg - keep the time mode, take a large pot (so they do not beat each of the other) and the bleed air!!! No lyrics, solid physics (but cooking is often the case).

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