Trite, but delicious: three quick filling for pita roll out


In Moscow, meanwhile, "again not hot", but not "very cold". Wife went to visit relatives, taken away the children and I'll wander alone in the apartment, restless.

For dinner were bullhead in tomato cake with hot oatmeal. But the taste... but not photogenic. I noticed that as soon as the number of consumers at home decreases, I have lost all desire to cook. And if they do something, then such haste that show - stydoba.

And often I do something... banal. That way, if earlier classic breakfast that bachelor that vacationers that in general any person considered to be fried, but now it's probably a roll of pita.

Pushing back all that lying around in the fridge - and eat. The same paradox shawarma ...

Anyway, enough of the bad news, let's talk about stuffing for such rolls. In recent days, I tried as many as three.

First - time!

With surimi, egg and cucumber.

Surimi (crab sticks or so-called crab meat) finely cut, to crumble boiled egg (a couple of pieces on a small stack), add garlic (still home near there), green - a little more, do not forget the cucumber (cut into smaller ones, or do not wrap roll, and if the wrap - then large pieces of cucumber tear it, dressed with salt and podperchenoy sour cream (mayonnaise for the fans - and he will go, but I do not drink).

The second - two!

Take the cream, grated cheese, tomato, greens, ham and sour cream... First lubricates pita bread, then sprinkle it with grated cheese, tomato and herbs crumble, prisalivaem, finely cut ham - and yes the same. Wrap now - the pan, can do without oil. Delicious!

Third - three!

With smoked chicken (vkusnota)

I had a breast, so that she went to the door. Cut finely, it rub cheese (you can even fused, to taste). To soften the taste and add crispiness, thin strips shinkuem Chinese cabbage. In a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream add salt, pepper, we press a clove of garlic. Well, then everything is going to: grease the pita with sour cream on it - Put the stuffing and wrap.

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