Cream of pumpkin


I know, I know that the season of pumpkins has not yet come, but they store, however, is. While not as cheap as in the fall, and not so beautiful. Autumn Pumpkin - a true symbol of the harvest. Ruddy, tolstobokie, big lie, asking:

- Eat me!

For a long time I did not like pumpkin. She seemed fresh despite the slight sweetness, uninteresting. Boring.

And then it turned out that this is a pumpkin that I loved, just did not know how to properly prepare.

Pumpkin - it is such a friendly and democratic. Tolerance to additives and spices. It sounds great in a chord with meat and with sweets, it is good in porridge and soup out of it (and get umootedatelno) can be even a pot to cook something delicious to make.

Complex recipes today will not (it will wait until the fall), but the pumpkin soup - please!


• 1 kg pumpkin

• Potatoes - 3 pcs

• Leek

• Ginger

• Vegetable or chicken broth

• A glass of orange juice

• A glass of milk

• Thyme 3-4 branches

• Chili pepper flakes 1 tsp

• Paprika 1chl

• Black pepper 1chl

• 1 tsp Curry

• Olive oil and butter

• Salt

• Pumpkin seeds

We begin to cook. Leek cut into rings, and ginger - as you like.

Onions fried in a mixture of olive oil and butter. Butter that is necessary to create a taste

Add the potatoes and fry it over high heat.

And now they all went into the pot, and fill with vegetable or chicken broth. To all add pumpkin and a few sprigs of thyme. And then - broth until tender.

Near the end of volem glass of orange juice, season with the remaining spices. And when the soup comes to a boil again, behind, in order to make an immersion blender to puree

In soup add milk or cream, once more progreem and beauty (and taste) prisypem roasted pumpkin seeds when applying.

Bon Appetit!

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