Not a single kvass: five "fills" for hash


Rospotrebnadzor verdict: classical okroshka kvas only with the remaining recipes have insinuations and intrigues of the enemies of Russian cuisine. It's funny, considering that the "classic" recipes Cooking piggy replenished only at the end nineteenth or early twentieth century (the exact timing is unknown), and dishes that have become the progenitors hash - set.

I once wrote about it but... why people rebelled. Said - as it so tyurya, murtsovka and hash - two large, understand the difference, and what some believe there tyuryu ancestor of hash - a problem some. Baba Yaga, as always, against.

Well, come on, get down to business.

Hash hodgepodge, as we know, does that hash - have hash (ie, different products, crumbled to the discretion of the cook), filled with some kind of liquid

One of the most common foundations - kvass, but you can use other

1. Mineral water with lemon

Per liter of mineral water - half (or full) lemon. Water is better to take the gas, in this case will be more or less pronounced taste. Actually fill it turns a little strange, as if empty, and we should get used to it.

2. Do not fill okroshechnaya (borrowed from other cuisines) - tan and ayran

And Ira have a very pronounced dairy flavor, very specific. As for me, so they are more suitable not okroshka, but this soup as a Bulgarian tarator - then both sound good in a chord with herbs, spices and garlic, and take away something - the same garlic - and it turns out several false.

3. Kefir

With kefir - a very strange situation. Several times I tried to prove that yogurt - traditional Russian drink, and, therefore, flooded kefir hash - it's classic. In fact kefir has come to Russia in the nineteenth century (according to other sources - the beginning of the twentieth), and so it is a drink Caucasian mountaineers - they have long been the sole possessors of kefir fungus.

Yogurt to taste better suited to okroshka, flavored with green onions, radishes and dill. Some of it is diluted with carbonated mineral water.

4. berry broth

That is, by the way, the recipe is one of the closest Russian cuisine. Berry kvass and broths it has always been, since the gathering gave a hefty pribytok the peasant diet.

Berry broth easy to do - a glass of fruit per liter of water, boil, let it brew, strain. The main thing - do not pour sugar.

Well meat component in this case sausage can not be. With berries well bird sounds - chicken or duck breast, for example.

5. Beer

But hash on beer might well be in Russia. Beer brewed with us for a long time and a lot. Assembly in Nizhny Novgorod, remember that regulate its quality and price ...

What to take a beer? I prefer a light, bright, without bitterness. But here on the fan. The only thing: meat component must be smoked meat or fish. And still have to prepare the filling - rub a couple of boiled egg yolks with mustard.

Well, in general - the experiment can be in any direction.

You fill up than a hodgepodge?

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