Refined squid Thai (in Russian terms, ten minutes)


I'll tell you how to cook squid, among all the friends to pass for a real foodie - and in just ten minutes.

It just so happened that we live far away from the sea and fresh descendant Kraken most often - is not available. A frozen - not always good quality. So know, for the most part, only three options for cooking kalmarchika: bake on the grill and fry in a pan or boil (salad).

But as there is a variety of dishes with it in the world! Japan, Thailand... As soon as the chefs of these countries are not distorted over the creatures of the sea. Take their example? No, not a Japanese, a Thai?

Zabatsat-ka today squid in coconut milk!

Her frightened, coconut milk can be purchased now in many stores (globalization, kak in any way). I often use the fact that the wife of orders on ayherbe (in more profitable).

So, take:

• 1kg Squid

• Coconut milk 200mg

• Garlic 2-3 cloves

• 1 tablespoon curry

• White pepper

• The grain mustard 1 teaspoon

• Soy sauce 2 tbsp

• Lemon juice 1 tbsp

• Fish broth

Now we note the time, and... go!

Clean garlic, grind, mix with curry and mustard seeds to slurry state, and slightly heated in a pan in a small amount of oil (a few minutes)

Pour a little fish broth (I usually procured in advance and frozen), give to boil (a couple of minutes)

Pour the coconut milk, add white pepper, soy sauce and lemon juice, warm. The sauce should be a thickish (but ideally). All it takes us a minute.

Now send sauce sliced ​​squid rings. Slightly raise the fire and wait. Three or four minutes enough, if the sauce simmered. I'm on time, then I do not look, I see - blanched squid, so ready.

In the photo on the side dish, by the way, made of bulgur. Highly I recommend instead of rice! Bon Appetit!

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