Cooking burritos, Mexican Shawarma poor


Shawarma in all its incarnations is beautiful. Encourage your child to eat all the ingredients of the filling separately burritos and look at his reaction. "Fuuuuuu" - is the mildest that you hear from him. Now tighten all the cake and feel the difference! Scatter burrito with a bang, although in them such wonderful noteworthy?

The usual fast food, growing up, by the way, from the food of the poor. No, really, I open like a book of recipes, read:

 - Burrito invented the poorest sections of the Mexican population. With minimal use of their meat to feed a large family.

I thought, and decided that the experience of the poorest segments of the Mexican population can be useful in the Russian reality.

However, during the preparation of a set of basic necessities in Mexican, a kind of low-income food basket vzagranitsah, was born the suspicion - not that there are layers and the poorest. Or we have to do something wrong prices.

Anyway, in the direction of the lyrics, it's time to go to physics. take:

• Wheat tortilla (tortilla). I took the cheese, because it is at times tastier.

• Ground beef

• Bank of red beans

• Bow

• Chilli

• Red bell peppers

• A tomato

• Grated cheese

• Spices: paprika, black pepper, chili powder, oregano, garlic pepper.

The first thing we fry minced. Why first? Well, we then degrease it simple Russian way - throwing on the screen and allowing fat to drain. The idea is that you can leave, but at home the taste of the fat is not love.

Then we warm up the beans and give to drain excess fluid. Why not merged it immediately, because the beans in the pot is always in a liquid? Well, because the heat is more convenient that way.

Mix the minced meat with beans and simmer all together a bit.

Following the setting of the pan are onions and chili. Everyone knows that in order to reduce the flammability of pepper seeds from it should be removed?

The roasted onions and chili adding chopped tomato and sweet pepper, and beef flavored seasonings.

Now the most important thing: our Gray tortilla and wrap it in the stuffing.

Wrapped? Send to the pan grill (or in a pan or on a grill - in short, that there is in the kitchen, and to send). Familiar baked burrito in the roster for sandwiches - normul out.

As baked, take a burrito, take the Mexican beer, lime and take... We feel like real Mexican rogue.

Bon Appetit!

Let me remind you: Like every pleasant)!

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