Baked perch, which always fails (even at sad sack)


Baked perch - a dish that is able to prepare even the most lazy and talipomanus people. In addition, it is self-sufficient and satisfying. Accompaniment can apply a light vegetable salad - and that's all. Dinner (or lunch) prepared in full!

Why Zander?

Well, the fish is excellent. Sudak - even though he is a river - small bones. Its flesh is tender, tasty, without any strong smell (at least, I have not caught a foul-smelling perch, if it is, of course, fresh).

Walleye can be prepared as soon please. Can be boiled, it is possible - simmered, it is possible - to bake or fry, and can be just like that, relentlessly, to put on the casserole.

By the way - another very tasty and simple dish - perch in Polish, but for him the next time. In this - will bully perishable fish body using any kitchen mechanisms.

So, take:

· Perch fillets

· lemon

· bow

· butter

· greens

· Little olives

· Cheese

Nothing without gramovki? Honestly, I did not measure, because so much is on the eyes. The more that the main perch here, and all the rest - to taste.

To begin with perch and onions skip a couple of times through a meat grinder. Fish, of course, pull out the bones... Unless you have fillets. Frozen fillets here is bad, because the water in it - too much.

Add to stuffing a little butter, grated cheese, salt and pepper

And then - kreks-Fex -peks, divide into two parts. One shunt chopped greens, the other - no. What for?

Who the hell knows, but - interesting!

The baking dish spread layer of minced meat with herbs, and then - a layer of minced meat without greenery.

Sprinkled with olive oil and send it in the oven at 180 degrees for about half an hour.

Then we begin to conjure - chop the olives and lemon, three more cheese. Ten minutes before the end of the baking dish and sprinkle with cheese. That is, if you like cheese with a crust. If you just melted - it can be about five minutes before the end to make it.

Before serving, sprinkle with cutting olives, slices of lemon and decorate with greenery. Voila! Bon Appetit!

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