Quick potato patties with mushrooms on the unleavened dough "Easier to nowhere"


Baking - difficult? Who said?! Roll up your sleeves, Now we are going to bake pies, "Easier to nowhere." Without yeast, sourdough and other dregs for a day, but UWC-at-usnye (almost like my grandmother).

Frankly, I do not mess with yeast dough. Yes, and baking at home does not appear as often (if a woman grow fat, have to update her wardrobe completely, but it's possible for the world to go), but sometimes the family looms with a knife to her throat:

-A well, breadwinner, chase pie, while we did not eat you yourself!

In this case, come to the aid of quick recipes. To thousand-pysch and ready.

At this time in the bins was boiled potatoes, from which quickly made mashed potatoes - it will be the basis for filling.

Then we start itself thousand-pysch.

To take the test:

• kefir - 400 ml

• baking soda - 1 hour. l.

• Salt - 2/3 hours. l.

• Sugar - Article 1.5. l.

• Egg 1 pc.

• Vegetable oil - 80 ml

• Wheat flour - 0.5 kg

Chemistry test: the main thing - carefully permission or excuse in kefir soda, so pour it into a bowl and pour the soda there. Judas send salt, sugar, eggs, vegetable oil, stir and begin whisking not fill up the flour. How difficult will interfere with a fork - knead the dough by hand until elastic. Ready-wrapped in plastic wrap, put in the fridge for about twenty minutes.

Until the dough in the refrigerator to quickly cut and fry the mushrooms in butter oil, add in the mashed potatoes cream, salt and pepper. Creams take enough to sauce was tender, but not fluent.

The dough is cold? Roll out, cut into squares and begin to conjure.

Thousand! The first layer put mashed. Pysch! Mushrooms stacked on mashed potatoes. Thousand-pysch - sprinkle it with green onions and lubricating oil (butter). I had a green (this is when the oil yourself Drives a whole slew of herbs), and here it has gone into operation.

Close the patties envelope, lubricating oil, or an egg for gloss, and - in the oven for twenty minutes. Bon Appetit! At this time, the photo is only the end result, because until hands in the dough to remove inconvenient, and home I did not photographers, home I - tasters. Say UWC-at-UPDF!

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