Chicken drumsticks in a creamy mustard sauce: simple, fast, tasty


Chicken... or rather, a chicken leg. What could be more inspiring? Is that a chicken leg anoint tasty sauce, baked in the solarium... ugh in the oven until soft consistency with a light golden brown, peppered with all sorts of herbs al overseas relatives ...

If you inspire legs (chicken and other) as well as I - Wellcome, Wellcome dear foodies (and not so gourmet). Today we will prepare a chicken in creamy mustard sauce, but with mushrooms.

You already mouth water? And rightly so! Mushrooms and chicken - one of those win-win, classically perfect combination to guarantee the success of any dish without exception. If a person occupying the kitchen, there is a hand, even if the grow from there as the legs, chicken with mushrooms spoil it will be very difficult. Is that... burn or overdo ...

I will tell you a terrible secret - a couple of times I have something like it. Fortunately, not become a tradition. Well, okay, that's enough of lyrics, proceed to physics. Kitchen.

Kitchen physics tells us that lay the chicken pieces in the pan tightly that they touch each other - no way. Because the meat will not roast and stew. Because the first thing we freely decompose the legs to the pan to them there was free, and fry them until golden brown. Fry, by the way, in butter.

After roasting, add up the lower leg in a baking dish. And we begin to create the sauce ...

Pan, which fried chicken, not mine, and throws it in the mushrooms and fry, adding a little at the beginning of the frying garlic cloves.

Pour wine first, and then - the chicken broth. The fire should be medium.

Add the mustard and cream, salt and pepper. Mustard need to take a soft, better Dijon mustard kill Russian dish is too spicy!

Gray a little more sauce and pour them our shins. And then all go in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees. And what is the little green top?

 A top - thyme sprigs. The taste and flavor will be remarkable. So, component goodbye: • chicken drumsticks 8 pcs. • Mushrooms 400 gr. • Garlic 3 tooth. • Butter. Mustard • 2 tbsp. • Cream 20% 100-120 gr. • White wine dry 100 ml. • Chicken broth 250 ml. • Thyme. • Pepper, salt
A top - thyme sprigs. The taste and flavor will be remarkable.
Thus, the components of a farewell:
• chicken drumsticks 8 pcs
• Mushrooms 400g
• Garlic 3 tooth
• Butter
Mustard • 2 tbsp
• Cream 20% 100-120 gr
• dry white wine 100 ml
• Chicken broth 250 ml
• Thyme
• Pepper, salt

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