Five principles of cooking really tasty meat


Cook tasty meat - not much of a science, right? What's cooking - thrown into the pan and fire away! But then how is it that even some of the clippings chefs manage to do the old overshoe - and to taste, and hardness? Here we can only say one thing, talent! Not even so - great talent!

Well, if without malice - the meat should be handled gently.

1. Firstly, it should be stored properly.

Meat does not like plastic bags, even if it is stored in the freezer. Such is the paradox... Frozen meat in a plastic bag loses its taste. It is not critical, but many say this loss.

In order not to spoil a tasty piece, if not plan to cook it immediately, before freezing wrap in parchment or foil (foil but in my opinion in question), and then - in a vacuum package.

Yes, it is difficult, yes, the extra traffic, but the meat will be tastier.

2. If you grill the meat, then salt it can only be at the end of cooking.

I do this- that everyone knows. Admission for pork is better to use only sea salt, but the beef and lamb - they are not capricious. The chicken and the rabbit because of its tenderness and the best fit with the normal salt.

3. To pork chops were softer,

a couple of hours before frying them it is necessary to lubricate any vegetable oil and sprinkle with lemon soon. The same focus can be done with beef. By the way, drizzle - it's not a figure of speech. Highly recommended to have in the kitchen is "pshikalki" for liquid sauces, juice and oil. Very comfortably!

4. Here's another interesting question - at what temperature it is necessary to fry the meat?

I admit that when I hear it, I fall into a stupor. If you pan and burner, neither of which the temperature is not the issue. Red-hot frying pan to the max! So just like the devil in hell she was.

And here on this hellishly hot skillet - meat. Good pre obsushennoe!

It will hiss-zashkvorchit, coagulating proteins and forming a crust. This crust is reliably prohibited inside a piece of all the juices. When the crust on all sides will be required rosy, then reduce the fire and dozharivayte to the desired condition.

5. Well, the fifth principle - never cover the meat roasting lid.

It's not even that it will cease to be fried, but the fact that it begins to saturate with steam. And in addition to watery gain is not quite a pleasant taste, yes. In the extinguishing time - that is, the long hours of treatment, and even using the goddamn cloud of spices, the taste is imperceptible. But on fried piece where all the flavor is concentrated in the crust - oh, how spoil!

Bon Appetit!

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