Duo casserole with mushrooms and beans


Meat - is harmful. But tasty. However, it is not always the case, and if it happens, it often tinker with meat - laziness. There are, of course, ways to cook a juicy piece of beef or pork with minimal effort and quickly.... but also vegetables too should have.

Yes, I'm not a vegetarian (although not a vegetarian).

And my family is with vegetarians just sat next to. And while sitting in my opinion, thinking - and what these people alive?

Wife I do not get meat - eat me! But sometimes you have to disappoint her and remind man in ancient times, in addition to hunting engaged in the gathering. So - tops and roots - on the table!

In these days has to be subverted especially, trying to make tops and roots attractive. For example, create one... casserole.

So, take mushrooms. Can mushrooms (oyster mushrooms do not use the better). We cut them and fry until golden. If you use butter, the taste of mushrooms will be more pronounced.

Take broccoli if splurge on fresh, boil the water and blanshiruem it our cabbage one minute. If you have frozen broccoli, blanch it is not necessary.

To add the broccoli and mushrooms jar of red beans without liquid. We spread in a baking dish. Salt and pepper, of course (we're not so zozhnye all, huh?). Oh yeah, I almost forgot - a mixture of admixed grated carrots and leeks.

Pour the cream into the mold and sprinkle with grated cheese

Now put in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Who likes softer vegetables - can extend the baking time.

The list of ingredients in parting:

• Red Beans 400g

• 100 grams of fresh mushrooms

• Broccoli 300 g (can be fresh or frozen)

• Carrot 1pc

• Leek (small stalk)

• Mozzarella pizza 100g

• 10-22% Cream - 150 ml

• heating oil

• Salt pepper

Remind: Like every cook pleasant)

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