Pickled onions "3 minutes" to the fish, meat and easy to hlebushek


Ready-to-eat within 3 minutes after cooking. This bow is suitable not only for fish but also for meat, salad, or just with some bread.


Onion 1pc.

Sol -1 / 2ch.l.

Sugar -1 / 2ch.l.

Black pepper -1 / 3ch.l.

dill -2-3vetochki

Vinegar 9% (or lemon juice) -1st.l.


We will cut large onion semicircles about 100 grams.

A couple of sprigs of dill finely chop.

Put fennel to the onion, add half a teaspoon salt and half tsp sugar, black pepper to taste. 1 tablespoon 9 vinegar or apple cider vinegar and stir.

After 3 minutes the onion ready for use.

In the video you can see the preparation of the bow on the 2:33 into the game.

And here I tell how I salt herring, spiced salting at home Home herring without the hassle

Good appetite!

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Details and cooking detail you can see in my very brief video below.

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